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Episode 108

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Welcome to the Sell with Authority Podcast – I’m Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI. If we happen to be meeting for the first time — Predictive ROI helps agency owners and their teams sell more of what they do…typically for a higher fee. We do that by helping our clients build an authority position in the niche they’ve decided to serve — and then — monetize that position by creating a steady stream of right-fit prospects flowing into their sales pipeline.

If learning proven strategies, tactics, and best practices to help you sell more of what you do aligns with where you want to take your agency — you’re in the right place.

Today’s episode is going to be a solocast—just you and me. We’ll explore a topic at both a high level and an eye level so you and your team can take it and apply it. The goal is to answer the question, “How do you get it all done?”

Back when Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Institute, and I decided to write our Sell with Authority book — we knew we needed to include some very practical and tactical recipes and guides on how to get all the work done. And I will tell you — when he and I teach our “Build and Nurture Your Sales Funnel” workshop — we spend a chunk of time on Day 2 helping attendees calendar and map out who in the shop is going to do all of the work so their plan doesn’t fall apart when they get back home.
For today’s solocast, I’m going to take you behind the curtain into Appendices A and B in the back of our Sell with Authority book and share more about how we get it all done here at Predictive so you can take the same recipes and apply them to your shop.

What you will learn in this episode is:

  • How and why the WHO Framework and Transformational Triangle should serve as the foundation of your content strategy
  • How to decide which form of cornerstone content is right for your gifts and talents
  • How to leverage the cornerstone content to best grow your email list
  • How do you decide on your cobblestones (they always come off the cornerstone, and the recipes in Appendix A will help) and the right cadence
  • How to apply advanced strategies like knitting together your cobblestones to create a new and different cornerstone


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