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The "SIPHON" Framework

Our latest framework out of the Predictive Lab and a video training that you can put into place (all without complicated tech).

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Transitional Moments Framework

Consistently get more at-bats by getting in front of your right-fit prospects.

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Seed and Open Loops Framework

A sales technique that increase awareness about your products or services without overly pitching or selling them. The goal is to seed curiosity and open loops for further conversations.

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The ROI of Community Framework

Building a community will shorten your sales cycles, attract right-fit clients, create high trust with prospects. Here's our 6-step process in full transparency.


The "WHO" Framework

Learn how to find and identify the right-fit prospects and how to tell the right stories in the right ponds so you know you’re fishing with the right bait.


The "WHAT" Framework

Learn how to create your “HERO Offer” so your prospects immediately see the value in what you’re offering and are willing to pay a premium to get it.


The "HOW" Framework

Learn how to knit the “WHO” and “WHAT” together to create a biz dev system that consistently generates leads and sales with right-fit clients…over and over again.


The Transformational Triangle

Want to get better results with your proposals by making it easier for clients to say yes?

Instead of having the same old scope of work, deliverables, and budget discussion — use the Transformational Triangle to change the game.


Client Avatar

“Avatars” aren’t just tall, blue aliens. Instead, an avatar is a detailed outline of your ideal client.

The goal is to describe your dream client so you know who you should be selling — and equally if not more important — who you should avoid.


How to Spear Leads

Let's fix the feast or famine experience by delivering a steady stream of right-fit leads to your Inbox.


Profitable Podcasting - Free Chapter

Profitable Podcasting: Grow Your Business, Expand Your Platform, & Build a Nation of True Fans


Next Level New Lead Sequence

How to plant your flag of authority with every new lead.

Supercharge Email

Supercharge Your Email

Learn how to put a system that shares your smarts with your audience 3 times a week with the goal of being helpful — when done correctly — the content will move prospects through your sales funnel.

Siphon Other's Audiences

Siphon Other's Audiences Into Your Own

Learn how to employ the siphon strategy as a way to be helpful to more audiences — and — how to grow your audience in a targeted way.

Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice Content Like a Pro

Your roadmap for taking those big, meaty pieces of content — slicing and dicing each piece into many smaller pieces to get every ounce of gold out of your content…so you can move your prospects through your sales funnel.


Screaming Cool Value Exchange

How to convert as much as 18% of your website visitors with a generous offer that solves a specific problem.

Social Proof

Social Proof Mastery

How to create social proof that is relevant, saves your prospects time, and is independent.


Host Awesome Weekly Q&A Events

A unique strategy to build your list, add value to your community, and provide a steady stream of golden nugget content that can be sliced and diced - holy bananas!

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All Access Pass

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