How to Set Realistic Revenue Goals for Your Agency

By Hannah Roth, mad scientist and strategist, Predictive ROI Are you an agency owner who dreams of doubling your revenue in the next few years? While ambition is commendable, setting realistic goals is paramount for sustainable growth. As Drew McLellan teaches at AMI’s Money Matters workshop, just as many agencies die from indigestion as starvation.…

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Unleashing the Power of Thought Leadership: Key Benefits for the Success of Your Agency

As an agency owner, you know that establishing a strong reputation and standing out from the crowd can make or break your business. You are often competing with other agencies in your industry or competing with internal teams even when they are not equipped to deliver the outcomes that your agency can provide. At Predictive,…

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Exploring the Power of Thought Leadership: Insights, Attitudes, and ROI

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Thought Leader?” In 2019, Predictive ROI partnered with Audience Audit to conduct a primary research study diving into the attitudes around thought leadership, which shed light on what marketing agency leaders desire from thought leaders, what they don’t, and the influence of thought leadership on…

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How to Build an Audience from Scratch

If you don’t yet have our “Sell with Authority” book, just go here to request your free copy. No credit card, no nothing. I promise. How to build an audience from scratch? A couple of caveats here. First — this takes diligence, patience, and effort. Second — the more niche you are, the faster your audience…

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Trojan Horse of Sales

This week we’ll walk through a strategy that my team and I call the Trojan Horses of Sales.  Drew McLellan and I broke down this strategy when writing our book, Sell With Authority. If you don’t have a copy of the book, you can request a free paperback or Kindle version here. No charge for…

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Do you like to talk or write?

A quick note before we jump in — if you haven’t ordered a free copy of our most recent book, “Sell With Authority” — I encourage you to request your free paperback or Kindle copy. Drew and I break down how to plant your flag of authority — and — in Chapter 7 we go…

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How is Cobblestone Content Helpful?

This week we’re stepping into why creating cobblestone content matters! And — if you don’t already have a copy of Sell With Authority — just go here to order your free paperback copy or receive a free Kindle version! Honest — no hoops to jump through or credit card required. Last week I shared how…

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What is Cornerstone Content?

Let’s dive deep into cornerstone content, what it is and how it fits into your sales funnel! And — if you don’t already have a copy of Sell With Authority — just go here to order your free paperback copy or receive a free Kindle version! Honest — no hoops to jump through or credit card required.…

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Be More Than a One-trick Pony

Let’s dig into the third essential to becoming an authority — Don’t be a One-Trick Pony, which I break down in this video. And — if you haven’t watched the other essentials, you can check out the blog posts here. You can also review the full strategy in Chapter 4 of Sell with Authority.  And…

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The “Trojan Horse of Sales”: Leveraging Cornerstone Content to Elevate Your Business

No matter what type of environment your business is in, elevating your sales pipeline always comes down to your ability to do one thing well: build new relationships. Often, business owners themselves are the best conduit for developing those new relationships — but as we all know, that can be rather time-consuming. So, the ultimate…

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Why Your Point of View Matters

Today we’re covering a big topic for business owners — Point of View (or POV for short).  Every January, when Drew Mclellan (CEO of Agency Management Institute) and I teach our workshop, Build & Nurture Your Sales Funnel, we spend a couple of hours helping attendees work through point of view. Why? Because your point-of-view…

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