How to Build an Audience from Scratch

If you don’t yet have our “Sell with Authority” book, just go here to request your free copy. No credit card, no nothing. I promise. How to build an audience from scratch? A couple of caveats here. First — this takes diligence, patience, and effort. Second — the more niche you are, the faster your audience…

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What Does it Mean to Create Cornerstone Content?

What does it mean to create cornerstone content? I use the term Cornerstone Content a lot. I mean, a lot. So I thought it was time for a deep dive into what exactly I mean when I encourage business owners to create cornerstone content. Cornerstone content is your very best stuff, used in all kinds…

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What is the Trojan Horse of Sales Strategy?

Business development. Filling that sales pipeline. For business owners, it is job #1, whether it is our favorite thing to do or not. What if this could become one of your favorite tasks? That’s not hyperbole – let me explain. I want you to consider the potential impact on your business if you and your…

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Why Storytelling Matters and How to Do It

When you get the story right, how powerful can that be? Pretty powerful. When I started my business 7  years ago, I had hopes for what it would turn into, but nothing was certain. Maybe that has a familiar ring to it. I just knew I was on a mission to help other businesses thrive…

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Why the Number One Strategy for Success is to Sell First

I hate to tell you, but we’ve been doing it all wrong. I’m talking about SELLING. I’m talking about the process of getting your product or service to market and having customers buy it. In fact, we’ve all been doing it backward. Because getting your product or service to market is actually not the starting…

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Build An Audience From Scratch

I’m going to share the practical and tactical steps of how to build an audience even if you’re just getting started and it doesn’t include paid ads. But it will then help you get deep into your niches and the industry and clients that you’re serving. And if you’re not doing that, I would highly…

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How To Use Voice As A Biz Dev Strategy

In today’s video episode — and within this blog post…I’m going to share some insights into how to use voice as a biz dev strategy. “Voice” is one of the most exciting opportunities my Predictive ROI team and I are watching closely — and over the course of the next three Episodes — I am…

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How To Find a Sponsor for Your Content

We prepared this blog post so you would have a practical and tactical guide for how to find a sponsor for your content. Because what if I told you that finding a sponsor for your cornerstone content is not only possible, but could represent a significant source of revenue for your business? This is not…

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Monetizing Content: The Two Step Recipe That Will Help You Get a $10,000 Sponsorship

In my opinion, most business owners look at their own marketing through the wrong end of the lens. They evaluate the success of their marketing efforts solely through vital metrics like website traffic, email opt-ins, click through rates, conversion rates, customer acquisition cost, lifetime value of a customer, retention rates, and so forth. All of…

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How To Be A Great Host: Your 10-Point Checklist for Hosting With Excellence

How To Be A Great Host: Your 10-Point Checklist for Hosting With Excellence I am going to share how to become an excellent host – whether we are talking about hosting your own podcast – vlog – or perhaps you are creating content for your rockin’ awesome blog and you will be interviewing guest experts.…

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6 Reasons Why Nobody is Listening to Your Podcast

You’ve probably heard about the popularity of podcasts by now, and you may have pushed yourself to start one to grow your business. That is great because you have taken the initiative to stay ahead of the curve! With that being said, as everyone is trying to fill a fast-growing market, there is the growing…

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