What is a Position of Authority

Episode 6: What is a Position of Authority, with Chris Prefontaine

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What is a position of authority? Establish yourself as an expert and attract ideal clients. Learn what is a position of authority here.

What is a position of authority, and why is it important for your agency? Chris Prefontaine will discuss it in detail in this podcast.

Chris is the best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms: Create Continuous Cash Flow Now, Without Using Your Cash or Credit. He’s also the founder of SmartRealEstateCoach.com and the Smart Real Estate Coach podcast.

Chris has been in real estate for over 25 years. His experience includes the construction of over 100 single-family and duplex homes (mostly in the 1990’s and selectively to date), has owned a Realty Executives Franchise (Massachusetts 1994-2000) as broker/owner which maintained high per-agent standards and eventually sold to Coldwell Banker in 2000. The 2000’s included coaching ½ million and higher REALTORs® in order to scale & automate their business throughout the US and Canada. He also participated (and still does selectively) in doing condo conversions (multi-family homes to condos) and “raise the roof” projects (converting single-family ranches to colonials in growth neighborhoods).

Chris has been a big advocate of constant education and participates regularly in high-end mastermind groups, as well as consults with private mentors. He runs his own buying and selling businesses with his family team, which buys 2-5 properties monthly, so they’re in the trenches every single week. They also help clients do the same thing around the country.

Chris and his family team have done over 80 million in real estate transactions. They mentor, coach, consult, and actually partner with students around the country (by application only) to do exactly what they do.


What you will learn in this episode is about what is a position of authority:

  • What is a position of authority in your industry, and why it’s so important
  • How you can create a position of authority for your business and “plant your flag” in your local market
  • Why owning your position of authority is crucial for protecting your business from larger or well-funded competitors in your market
  • How to use your position of authority to attract right-fit prospects while simultaneously repelling the wrong ones
  • The importance of staying current in your industry, and how it affects your position of authority as well as your personal credibility
  • Why it can be dangerous (yes, dangerous) for businesses to operate alongside competitors who are not staying current in their industry
  • How taking the time to stay current while helping others do the same — “teaching what you’re applying” — can help you build trust, authority, and loyalty with your audiences



What is a Position Of Authority: Full Episode Transcript


What is a position of authority? A position of authority entails leadership and responsibility, empowering individuals to make decisions and guide others. It requires expertise, effective communication, and accountability.


Welcome to the Sell with Authority podcast. I’m Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI. In my team and I, we created this podcast specifically for you. Suppose you were an agency owner, a business coach, or a strategic consultant, and you’re looking to grow a thriving, profitable business that can weather the constant change. In that case, unfortunately, this is our world’s reality.


You’re in the right place if you want some proven strategies for attracting a steady stream of well-prepared, right-fit prospects into your sales pipeline. We’ll talk about that. Do you want to learn how to step away from the sea of competitors to stand out on the ground you’re standing on? Yep. Our experts will help you with that, too.


You want to future-proof your business so that you can navigate the following challenges that we all know are coming our way. Of course, we’re going to have episodes about that, too. Each episode of this podcast will contain valuable insights and tangible examples of best practices, not theory, from thought leaders, experts, owners, and people like you who have done exactly what you’re working hard to do.


So, I want you to think practical and tactical—no fluff. Each of our guests has built a position of authority and then monetized that position by claiming their ground, growing their audience, nurturing leads, and converting sales while being helpful. So, every time someone from their audience turned around there, they were given a useful answer to an important question.


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What Is A Position Of Authority: Chirs Prefontaine’s Introduction


So their prospects never felt like they were prospects. And that’s the key. I also promise every strategy we discuss and every tool we recommend will be shared in complete transparency in each episode so you can double down in raw into 2022. Okay, I am excited for you to meet our guest expert for today’s episode. His name is Chris Prefontaine.


You may already be familiar with Chris, but if you’re meeting him for the first time, he is the founder and CEO of Smart Real Estate Coach. He’s also my coauthor of the forthcoming book Sell with Authority for Real Estate Investors. So, I asked Chris to join me for this episode because authority stretches across industries. It stretches across products and services.


However, we want to think about stretching it. And yes, it may be easy to see how having a position of authority can benefit you if you’re quote-unquote selling professional services. If you run an agency, or you’re a business coach, or you’re running a consultancy. But what if you or one of your clients is selling something that, on the surface, might look to be more transactional, like real estate, for example?


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What is a Position Of Authority: A Background of Smart Real Estate Coach


Well, understanding what is a position of authority and why it matters in this context. Or is the success of a deal strictly limited to the aspects of the property in the terms of the agreement? And that’s what Chris and I will slice apart in this conversation. So, how can a story help separate someone from the sea of sameness in a market, how owning an authority position can protect or insulate someone from large, well-funded, out-of-market competitors, and how an authority position can attract the right fit prospects?


At the same time, repel the wrong-fit prospects. It’s just like Drew McClellan, and I broke down in episode two of the podcast. Okay, so without further ado, welcome to the Sell with Authority podcast, my friend Chris. Thanks, buddy. I’m glad to be here. I’m so happy to have you here. So many of our audience will already know the name Chris Prefontaine because you were a guest of mine on an Onward Nation many, many times. Chris, as someone with significant experience and expertise in the real estate industry, can you share your insights on what is a position of authority?


We’ve done a lot of things together, so. But there will be some new people, too, who are meeting you for the first time, and you for that. So before we dive in again, take us behind the curtain and give us a high level of Chris the business, and then we’ll dive in. Sure. And as I always say to you, you go back and get into details because you know the details.


Exactly. So, we operate a buying and selling entity—our family does—and we do that by buying on terms, not using banks. Interesting. During COVID and before, as well. Answering what is a position of authority, we then turn around and coach that mentor who interacts hands-on with students all across the country, a little bit out of the country, and doing the same thing, teaching them how to buy and sell on terms without using banks that use their credit without using cash.


That’s the 10,000-foot view. Again, we can go back to any detail that Stephen provides. Okay. So, let’s take that nugget and put it into the foundational context of authority. Is credibility the new and better word? Although there are some synonyms and some context, the fact that you’re doing it every single day in the trenches for your businesses, in doing your deals, your own property company, building your wealth and real estate, and then teaching that same recipe.


Does that give you a level of credibility for new or even seasoned real estate investors who want to learn what it is that you do that gives them? Well, they must be doing something right. And then there’s the transference of trust, credibility, and so forth because they see you in the trenches daily in your own business.


Yeah, it’s critical in real estate, but it’s essential to any entrepreneur in any business. Why? Because they are not covered. The market changes rapidly. If you know this as a business owner, there are curveballs constantly. So, unfortunately, in the real estate world, to get specific with my world, there are programs and educators out there that have yet to do a deal in two, three, four, or 20 years.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Demonstrating Expertise and Leadership in The Field


Wow, that’s dangerous. But what is a position of authority that goes for any business? Restaurant businesses change. You know, your name has changed. So, if you’re not current, credibility goes out the window when trying to show anyone what to do. Would you agree? Any business, not just real estate. Okay. Yes, I would agree.


You use the word dangerous, which is a pretty powerful word. Why do you consider it dangerous as it relates to your industry? I only accept my sector because there are contracts, local laws, consumer protection laws, and covid-19. Some things change rapidly. How would we know if we focused solely on the marketing world and what is a position of authority?


Because I say that because there are people that do that, I know them personally. So when we’re doing business in the trenches, we go, there’s another nugget. We have to share that this Thursday on the Mastermind, we can call in every Thursday. So there’s not a week where, hey, a new lesson, heads up is what’s going on out there.


That’s why I say that. And that can be legally costly, deal-wise, and pocketbook-wise. Okay. Let’s take a second to shine a bright light on this for our audience because you mentioned several excellent golden nuggets, sir. You’re talking about being in the trenches, active in the trenches, doing deals, etc.


Then, that forms the foundation for the curriculum, like you’re teaching what you’re applying. I love that. And then you mentioned a mastermind group, the Thursday sit-down, all these different venues you can teach from. Many of them are free, and people can come in and absorb that knowledge, whether they step into a relationship with you or not. This approach really showcases what is a position of authority, demonstrating your expertise and leadership in the field, and where you’re sharing valuable insights and expertise, benefiting those who engage with your content or attend your sessions.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Building A Proactive and Defensive Strategy


I’m highlighting this because if we go back and look at the data, third-party data like Edelman and their trust barometer, they’ve done it every year for the last 20 years. These people have the most trust, authority, and casearchempathy with their audio instead of the ones doing precisely what Chris did drugged out with you.


They are the industry experts who also look like them. And we’ll get to that in just a minute. But they are the industry experts with proven expertise in a particular thing, and they do it. It’s straightforward to look at them and say, well, okay, they’re doing deals every month in their business, so why would I not follow that plan?


Would you agree, Chris? 100% easy. It’s a no-brainer. To some, it’s a no-brainer. Steve, do you want to go into the restaurant business? So, you are doing it daily, and they want to show you. Okay, follow them. That’s not brain science. And so that’s how I feel. We set that pathway the same way.


Yeah, I love that. Okay, rewind a significantly pre-COVID, and I recorded a course for your Sell with Authority. So weird, too. When we think of the timeline, it is like March 3rd and 4th of 2020. It’s like ten consistently shutdown craziness. And you or not, we didn’t have a chance to chat about it in the green room.


I went on this helpful rant, which is too extreme. But you talked about how one of the reasons why you should plant your flag of authority in the space, in your case, real estate, was because it was not only a tremendous proactive strategy, but it was also a great defensive strategy when well-funded, larger competitors might be stepping into your market. So, what is a position of authority in real estate, and how can it bolster your proactive and defensive strategies?


I’d love for you to speak about how that was a solid, proactive strategy and a great defensive strategy for somebody in a local market. The position of authority is key in this context. We have some examples there, as are these home buying national and international home-buying companies that got well-funded, jumping into different markets and not so much in New England, but my community felt it.


So they’d go to a house and say, Yeah, I got an offer from Zillow, or I can offer from I buyers or whatever the heck there. There’s a bunch of them out there. If I’m a homeowner, wouldn’t you think I’d search? And when you think I’d instead connect with, link up with, sell my home with, or to someone local with authority.


So, you know, Brian O’Neil comes to mind. He gets people saying to him, well, yeah, I listened to some of your episodes. Yeah, I hear some of the things you put out. Yeah, I downloaded it. So he’s the authority locally that national groups are not doing that other than splashing in with a bunch of money, and it will continue.


Granted, Zillow’s out of business, so whatever they did now to pivot, more are coming, and these billion dollars are getting behind it all. I said Stephen was, they’re going to look at the local person, and there’s no longevity there with these other companies that just become screaming, screaming obvious once you establish a local authority that makes sense.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Your Authority Can Make Your Premium-Priced


It is also about positioning yourself as an authority in your niche. Position of authority emphasizes consistently being findable and providing helpful information so that whenever your audience seeks answers, you are there with valuable solutions.


That’s why you mentioned Brian. That’s what Brian is doing, and he’s doing it well. And he’s doing it in spades. He’s got a weekly podcast, and he’s created a series of ebooks, and he also discussed what a position of authority is. He has daily emails that go out to his audience with helpful tips and strategies. So every time his market you mentioned is local, every time his local market turns around there, Brian is super findable and super helpful, right?


Right.Compared to, for lack of a better word, the cold approach of someone they don’t know, not local. Throw money at it. There’s no personal touch as you deal with the most significant asset most people will ever have, the real deal, the warm and fuzzy local. Yeah. Okay. So let’s think about that.


As I mentioned in the intro, I don’t think that just because somebody is in authority means now that the deal no longer matters. Take us into that piece to see why I’m bringing this up. Yesterday, I had a chance to interview our research partner, Susan Baier, and our mutual friend Drew McLellan.


I have talked about this quite a bit. The book also states that when somebody has an authority position, they can be premium-priced in certain circumstances. I would love to get your take on this and see how you see it in the real estate space in a way that still applies in your industry.


It does. When you said that, I went both directions in my mind, meaning, tell me this is where you’re going. I’ve heard in the community and our deals, that a position of authority plays a significant role in influencing decisions like these. I’ve seen and heard where people will go with us because of the exposure nationally, maybe because of my experience. If it’s our team and our authority locally, higher price, longer terms, etc., to make a realtor or by-go, why do they do that? 


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What is a Position Of Authority: Understanding Which Deal Is Better


But I’ve also seen the opposite where someone with less experience didn’t quite establish authority yet went in to get a property and then came to me and said, “Why do they sell for that to that person less?? So I’ve seen both ends of this, and it’s evident to me, but it’s hard to convince a brain or person of that.


So I’m hoping we can get that out on Billboard Fashion to help people understand this, like your show and other things. It’s not, again. I keep saying it’s not brain science. Okay? And so let’s see if I’m tracking with you here that that’s happening because, yes, the deal’s a good deal. But also it’s well, this person is asking me to go for a longer term, but I trust this person.


Yeah. So then it’s not just in their best interest, but there’s a benefit to me too. Maybe a higher sale price, you know, whatever. And I trust the fact that a five-year term is better than a three-year term because this person is presenting it. Am I tracking with you? Yeah, you are. I’ll give you a real example.


I just hung up with, you know, David in Michigan. So David said to me just now, he said, Imagine that a seller just cashed out a deal. He said, Imagine the seller trusted me with a $430,000 note, okay, for four years, with no down payment and no interest. He just cashed them out. So, it’s a successful transaction.


But he went back through the cash out early, so it was three-plus years. He said, Imagine that back then they trusted me with that because he’s a local, credible, authoritative in the real estate and financial planning. He’s got a double whammy with the authority. Think about what a position of authority is and how it plays a crucial role in establishing trust and comfort levels in such situations. Could they have just loaded a little bit from a comfort level if they weren’t comfortable with his authority and sold it off in a second? 


They could have. They were comfortable with doing that. That’s an extreme example. Okay. And so in the $430,000, no. Okay. So, that deal has now been fully cashed out successfully. So maybe some of the other what was the term of that? he structured for he did it in about 32 months. Okay. So 32 months. And so the seller probably would have had an option 32 months prior to either list like traditional or conventionally whatever word you want to use or maybe sell it to a wholesaler for probably a lot less.


Right. So there was an advantage. I’m just making the assumption that an advantage to the seller is to wait 32 months, the $430,000 is probably more than maybe they would have received 32 months prior, right? Yeah, the three-some three-something you listed, a lot more than you would have wholesale that to your point, too to know, to a wholesaler or rehab.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Attracting Partners and Communities Using Valuable Content


And because they trusted David, your associate, they can make a better return. But there I think 99.9% of it is trusted because if I were a seller, why else would I do that? Right? Boy, do I game on that ten or twenty grand? It’s not a gamble if you trust them and know fast third authority.


Okay, this is fantastic. Let’s look at one of your favorite words, metaphors, maybe lessons like I know you love the word stacking, and it is so appropriate to building a business. But it’s so appropriate to authority. Learning what is a position of authority is crucial in establishing trust and credibility in any industry.  So let’s say that whether somebody’s listening to you right now is in real estate or not, but thinking like, okay, I want to be able to start going down the path of building my own authority. 


So let’s go bare bones, kind of the floor level, and then stack from there. Well, what is the first thing that you might suggest that they do at that grassroots level? Well, I can think of I think of me. But then I also think of Brian and I think of stacking just to comment on your comment, I think the stacking is huge because we can talk about this.


If you had told me all this when I started the Smart Real Estate Coach, I would have been overwhelmed; it would have been an understatement. Okay. Stacking is so important. I, if you recall, wrote a simple e-book with a cover design from a VA back in 2014 or so, whatever it was. That was my start. Brian Start was probably a PDF of some sort with a homeowner’s manual.


So, it is very similar, coincidentally, as I think back. Right. Almost anyone can do that with a checklist or a book. I mean, mine wasn’t a book. It was a book, you know, like ten pages a week, that started the company out. You mean I do in it. So not only did that start the business, but also, if I remember the story correctly, somebody offered it. Maybe you had structured some partnership but offered to send that to their community because the content was helpful and you attracted them. Understanding what is a position of authority indeed plays a role in attracting partnerships and communities through valuable content.


I think it was like several hundred email addresses, right? In exchange? Yeah, I was like three-something. And it’s something that. That’s right. Yes, that’s right. And the story is that that’s what started the business. That was my call list. Yes. Okay. So, I love the fact that you put in the overwhelming piece. And so whether they’re not going to go from eating that sandwich, ouch, I think was the name of the e-book. That was the first book that my wife named. 


Okay, eat that sandwich. And we’re not going to now; fast-forward to the last live events every September with hundreds of people. Right? We’re not going to do that. We’ll get there. We’ll go through the stacking metaphor, but okay, so I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible. What would somebody be like as a business owner?


They’ve been in business for a while. They’ve owned an agency. They’ve been a business coach. They’re strategic consultants. Aside from time being the excuse, what would prevent somebody from being able to take their like? How fast or how efficiently did you do it? I should say not fast because it was good. But how efficiently did you put that e-book together?


I don’t know if I have a couple of weeks, you know, to write maybe one or two edits. The gentleman who produced the cover he didn’t know much English. You couldn’t? No. If I was down, but he couldn’t edit it. So I just did my own editing and then got it to him for a little formatting and a cover.


It will probably take the whole project, maybe three or four weeks. Okay, three or four weeks to put it together. I’m not trying to minimize the effort. Three to four weeks. Okay. Cost-wise, his cost is 100 bucks for the cover, so the rest is just me. Okay. I didn’t pay to go to the list, so she volunteered to put it through a list because it was free content for her list.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Presenting An Opportunity to Build a List


Right. Okay. So there’s a huge golden nugget that I want to put a bright spotlight on. You got that opportunity when you earned that opportunity by going to somebody where your content would be helpful to her list. That is a position of authority. Right. Correct. 100%. And that’s a win for that person because as a gatekeeper or a curator, whatever kind of thing you want to call that person, you know, her role is okay.


If the community is looking to her and wants to be able to learn something and all of that, she’s looking for content that is going to be then helpful to her list. And you represented that opportunity, right? Yeah, absolutely. She calls to this day years later for content. Really? Okay. So the first thing that you would suggest they do that our audience do is sit down and think, How could I write 8 to 10 pages?


That would be helpful to a community where our clients and prospects probably are swimming, like that pond, right? Yep. And then go out and find those ponds and say, I have something that would be helpful free of charge, just distribute that. This is where they can get it to opt in and then build your list.


Just yeah, they have the content in their head. If they’re a business owner, they have something that doing that they don’t talk about to people, right? That’s all we’re talking about here, Right. Okay. So then, what was your next stair as you’re starting to stack or the next block? I guess you’re trying to remember better than me after the e-book.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Start By Doing Something Basic


If I’m not mistaken, it would have been the very basic video course, unless you think I’m missing a step. Well, that’s right. Okay. That’s where I think a friend or colleague, maybe a mentor of yours, suggested, “Hey, why don’t you put all of that in?” You had, like, a flip cam, right?


Yeah, I had a flip cam. I remember the day, actually, I saw I had breakfast with someone, a buddy of mine. We just networked. He was. He was a physical trainer business. He said, “I have an idea once you put all the videos on this platform, where they can learn it.” And I said, “Well, that sounds like a lot for now.”


I’ll just do it on the flip camera, and I’ll film the steps of what we do. I just sat in my office with the flip cam coming in and out, so it made you dizzy. Then, we put together ten steps and ten videos. Yeah. And what was the feedback that you received when you put that out?


Or we sold it and had people doing deals off of it. It worked. We started to prove it year after year, you know, and it’s morphed into this massive academy. But it started with ten videos, me sitting in a chair talking to the camera. Yeah. Okay. So it’s morphed into this amazing, awesome thing. You have raised the bar in depth of teaching and expansive curriculum.


You, Zach, Nick, and Others in the family have really raised the bar in the quality of content, no doubt. And Ryan makes it look super polished because it is and delivers it in a very professional way. It didn’t start that way, right? Right. But in the time period from flip cam to where it is now is what I think about eight years.


We released that before the first call. I would even call it an event. But before the first event on August 16. Okay. So, not even that. Right. So we’re talking five and a half years. Yeah. Amazing. And it sounds like you you. Yes. Is this going to be how I want to look for the next five years?


No, but this is where I’m going to start. And then you made a commitment to like, what is the cadence of when you get because I know there’s a regular rhythm to it as far as like rerecord and polish it up and all of that. Yeah. There wasn’t thought out at the beginning, but it was, shoot.


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What is a Position Of Authority: It Starts with A Small Idea


Things have changed since our earlier conversation about being in the trenches, so maybe we should change that video. Maybe we should update that one. As we get more people involved, outsource that for us. And then, Ryan, to your point, we started making it more of a real course versus here are ten videos.


Go for it. You know, totally different. So when did you have the, let’s say, on the topic of education? Yeah, so obviously, the cube-less course or quantum leap system is what you’re talking about. And now it’s morphed into the amazing asset that it is today. When did the strategy come about? Okay, now we’re going to take this one thing, and we’re going to take all these other kinds of smaller things, but we’re going to build this really cool academy, the Wicked Smart Academy. What is a position of authority in this context, and how does it play into the development of such an innovative educational program?


When did that come about? That was more recent. That was Ryan’s kind of brainchild there. So I would say the idea came about sometime when he came on board at the end of 18; it didn’t come to fruition. Well, as you know, we didn’t launch officially until the end of 21, but it started getting built in the course.


The course was already built out, but the academy idea didn’t come about till 20 ish. And then it we just launched it like not too long ago. So the pieces and we’re going to slice this apart here because I want everybody to hear that, because on the surface they might be thinking, for Pete’s sake, how in the world am I going to launch a Wicked Smart Academy?


And what I’m trying to illustrate here through your stacking metaphor is starting with a flip cam and selling some, and then it was also really helpful. People started doing deals off those things, and then you had the idea for the Wicked Smart Academy that pulled together these other pieces. And so let’s talk about some of those other pieces because my guess is people who are listening to you right now have some of those pieces.


They’re just not pulled together like you guys smartly did. Well, so I think I’ll make sure I’m on the right track. When you say pieces for us, are you talking about things like, okay, there are videos, but now there are audio files on live scripts, and now there’s, are you talking on that stuff? Yeah. And then you would turn that into, I think, if I know the genesis of some of those, then morphed into an actual program, or are you knitted out or knitted together like big golden nuggets from live events? What is a position of authority in understanding the evolution of content pieces into valuable programs or assets?


What is a position of authority? Listen more about it on this podcast of Chris from his website


What is a Position Of Authority: Every Business Model Is Different


Right. So yeah, we just started cataloging everything. So just again, so we don’t get in trouble for anyone. As an entrepreneur, we started outsourcing this. We found a company that had some of the could do video and we started outsourcing it. And we were talking about this this morning. Then when it got to, my gosh, we were outsourcing 100 hours a month.


Then we justified the big move of hiring Orion if you will. And so all the courses that came together were just a subset of the business. Hey, in this journey, whereas we added somewhere that look like when we added what we call seller specials and acquisitions, what did that look like? All right, let’s just document it. So we just documented that so someone could take this course and do what?


I didn’t duplicate myself and have my son-in-law doing it, and then he’d duplicate himself with the same course and so on and so forth. And then, of course, for buyers’ scripts and of course for telescopes. But that’s any business I would think I kept using Russian for. I don’t know why I’m stuck on this day, but the same goes for me.


You have your restaurant, and you have different functions. That’s all we did, which was add those functions well. But okay, so let’s say that somebody listening right now is running a consultancy, right? And I get it that maybe their market isn’t how to teach other consultants how to run better consultancies. I understand that, but they could take the lessons you’re talking about right now, and maybe that will be super appropriate for one of their clients. This illustrates the concept of “What is a position of authority” in providing valuable insights and lessons that can benefit clients beyond the consultant’s immediate market focus.


Is their consulting 100% right? Maybe their client’s business model is different. Industry, but exactly like Smart Real Estate Coach. This is cool—every one of their clients. Tactically, I’m sure the consultants might have a niche or several niches within each one of those and within each one of those businesses. Yes, I would duplicate it, and there’s no reason not to.


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What is a Position Of Authority: Getting Yourself Introduced to A Community


Erik and I have taken a page out of your playbook of, you know, we’re in the trenches every single day, and we’ll share that with you, you know, inside some. And one of the things that we talk about is that you know, we run the Predictive lab, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But we’re going to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly.


And we’ve received great feedback on what a position of authority is. That is great. I know that if I take that thing from Predictive and apply it, it’s been thoroughly tested. Right. And I’ve heard you say the same thing to people inside your community: don’t do that. Do these things because we’ve done all of these things. Why would you invest your time, space, and money towards something that hasn’t been proven?


Work on this because we know it works extremely well, right? Yeah, 100%, as well as whom we introduce communities. So, in a consultancy, the people you introduce your clients to are people you’ve vetted and tested. So, for example, what’s the most recent one? There was a gentleman with “I’ll Get Into the Nest.” There’s a gentleman who approached us and said, Hey, I got this new way of doing these leads.


I said, great. So, can I speak to you at your next event? I said, Yeah, After about six months of us doing what you’re saying, you can do so well. And so we started that last summer before the event, and next this coming March, he’ll speak at the event, but it took six months of us going, okay, you can do what you said you could do.


Then, we were introduced to the community. Well, that’s a great proof point. So. Right. Okay, So let’s think about authority because we’ve gone through sort of stacking. We went through it pretty quickly. We used the video course. Then how that morphed into the Academy is a great example. Let’s also think about when you own a position of authority; when you really own the ground that you’re standing on.


What is a position of authority? Listen more about it on this podcast of Chris from his website


What is a Position Of Authority: Saying No to Wrong Fit Prospects


What is a position of authority in attracting the right prospects and repelling the wrong ones based on your experience? It gives somebody kind of a dual benefit, one you can attract, right, for prospects and repel wrongs at prospects. So speak to that in some of your experiences there because I know you’re attracting resistance and repelling some of the wrong fits. 


I think this is where you go, and just this morning, I was doing another solo course, and I alluded to what you and Erik helped us with for two days straight, and that was defining the ten attributes of success. What is a position of authority in defining the attributes of success and guiding others in their courses or ventures?


So I said in the podcast, in my normal, very soft manner, only kidding. I said, If these ten attributes fit, fantastic, you are going to be an amazing fit for our community. We can’t wait to talk to you. By the same token, if they don’t, awesome. Because you didn’t waste any time. We didn’t waste any time, I’m certain how you tell the whole big bunch of people with that comment.


But the fact is, if you don’t fit in, why bother? And so I think that’s where you’re going with that in my tracking. Yeah. 100%. Okay. So what gave you such confidence to say it that way? Mainly because it is odd that we never did this prior to you guys coming, but we spent those two days with you guys, and we said, as you remember, I’ll shorten it.


But what’s the makeup of the people that have just crushed it? And we define that. And then we said, well, that’s the makeup. Why would we talk to other people? Does that make any sense? And I wish we had done that whole exercise point. I wish that way earlier. Well, you’ve told me stories, too, before, and I’m sure there are many more that have happened since the last time you and I talked about this.


But I know there have been instances like a week will go by and people will come to you and say, here’s the check for $100,000, and I want to be in the high six community, or here’s the check for $50,000. And I want to be one of your immersion associates. And you’ve said thank you. But now, every year, I would, as you recall, probably equate it to anywhere from 150 to 300000 a year that we say no to that to apply.


What is a position of authority? Register on our next open mic Q&A to learn more


What is a Position Of Authority: Making Room for The Right Fit Prospect


And we said no to that. I don’t I don’t know many educators that would do that. But gosh, it’s a pain in the butt, as you know, To think about taking people on that just don’t fit within those. In our case, the attributes of success or the avatar or whatever. It’s costly, and it’s a mental drain.


It’s a waste of both parties time. And frankly, it’s not fair to them. The mind you took them. It’s not fair to them. So, that’s a fair point. We all know what it feels like to onboard that wrong-fit client. And as we wrote about in the book, we know it every time we do it. Yeah, right.


It’s like, maybe we can change them. Perhaps it’s like we know, but there’s that big bag of money, and it’s a little bit tempting to think we can fix them. But the person who has been in the space, you in this example, who owns his position of authority, is confident enough to say thank you, but no.


One, because you know somebody will be behind that person who is the right fit. You made room, right? You made room to say yes to the next person. Yep. There’s a hidden benefit there that I didn’t realize. I think I’ve shared this with you on more than one occasion. When that happened quietly in our community, the team knew we did, you know, what we call positive focus and other positive things at meetings. This strategy aligns with establishing the position of authority and fostering a positive environment for growth and collaboration within the community.


And every time someone or many someones on the team said as their positive focus that particular month or day, I’m ecstatic to be part of this team because of the bio values and didn’t take that whatever that was you know that person. Still, there was so there was an internal team kind of, Hey, this is great because we know our lane is not making sense.


What is a position of authority? Listen more about it on this podcast of Chris from his website


What is a Position Of Authority: Engage In Strategy Sessions to Avoid Confusion


What is a position of authority? I wouldn’t have thought it was a benefit, but it’s really cool. Well, it makes total sense from the standpoint that your community can see that where you’ve decided to plant your flag of authority is unwavering. It’s not like you’re planting it here today; tomorrow, it’s over here. And then the next day, it’s in a field, you know, a couple of fields over.


Right? You’ve been very consistent. 10%. Okay. So, I know we’ve covered a lot. Before we go, before we close out and say goodbye, any final advice that you’d like to share and anything you think we might have missed? And I will give everybody the logistics here around. So we’re the authority for real estate investors here in just a minute.


But is there anything else you’d like to share and then best way to connect with you, Chris? Well, I just caught myself saying I wish we did that exercise of the two day offsite with you and Erik earlier. I just said that, right? I just, and that wasn’t plan. I just came out with that. So yeah, my last nugget is do that.


Like, I know we’re going do it again with you guys again and again and again. But seriously, we didn’t. We waited till 21. Why do that earlier? If you’re hearing this, do that exercise early because then you don’t get overwhelmed, you don’t get the confusion, you get a path ABCD ego; that’s a lot easier than hearing this and going over and over and over because you let the fear sink and just, just do that exercise, that strategy session. What is a position of authority is taking action early and engaging in strategy sessions to avoid overwhelm and confusion.


That’d be my only nugget. Okay. Let me dial that in as it relates to the book. So what Chris is talking about is actually, I think it’s either chapter two or chapter three when we’re talking about writing about the three essentials and getting really clear on the niche, getting really clear about the point of view, and getting really clear about how we’re going to help in the form of content.


What is a position of authority? Register on our next open mic Q&A to learn more


What is a Position Of Authority: Identifying Key Players and Learning from Them


So those are some pretty high-level topics. More specifically, when you peel the layers back, we’re talking about who we can be the most helpful to. And then, as we had that conversation in your conference room, it became like calls were peeling the layers back. Well, who has been the most successful? Answering the question of what a position of authority is can help us identify those key players and learn from their strategies.


What were those attributes? And all of that, people who are crushing it, like you said. And then all of a sudden, I should say, all of a sudden, after some real hard work, you guys had shared ten attributes of success. And we all looked at that on the board and were like, Holy bananas, That is awesome, right?


Yeah, that’s really cool. And some of it is surprising, some not surprising, right in those ten. But now you obviously have this really cool recipe to build content from and be able to speak to. And it sounds like you really leverage that in the social accounts, and that’s awesome. Did Erik and I contribute to that?


Sure. We asked some questions, but you guys really put some great strategic thought into that, which is what made that list great. That’s awesome. Yeah. No, I love speaking about it because it’s clarity, right? 100% for everybody. 100%. So everyone, the Sell with Authority for real estate investors was really born out of the first book that Drew and I wrote.


What is a position of authority? Listen more about it on this podcast of Chris from his website


What is a Position Of Authority: Closing Remarks


So authority. And then we thought, “What is a position of authority?” I wonder, if we were, would there be an opportunity to kind of niche this down into other industries, in this case, real estate? And so we started fooling around with that. Obviously, Chris was a part of that noodling, and we found some traction in that. So right now, it looks like it’s going to be available on Amazon soon, and then printed copies, like hard copies, paperback, and all of that, available for order off of Amazon and other places sometime in mid to late March, which is super exciting.


So we will certainly share all of those links and whatnot in the show notes, some emails, and all of that when it becomes available. But the key piece here is that Chris just gave you this blueprint for stacking in the key pieces to fight the overwhelm, to take what he so generously shared with you and apply it.


Chris, we all have the same 86,400 seconds in a day, and I’m grateful you said yes. Thank you for your generosity, as always, in helping us be better. I am very thankful for that, my friend. You guys are fantastic. I appreciate it. Right back at you.


What is a position of authority? Register on our next open mic Q&A to learn more

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