How to Build an Authority Position Serving Your Niche, with Brian and Kim Walker

Episode 96

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I am thrilled to welcome our special guest experts, Brian and Kim Walker, back to this episode of Sell With Authority. Brian and Kim are the Co-Founders of Shop Marketing Pros, an agency that specializes in top-tier marketing in their niche of the auto repair industry.

In episode 90 of the podcast, Brian and Kim shared how they strategically and systematically stepped into a niche — and then — completely immersed themselves into the industry. They described how they dove in with both feet and how that level of proactivity has propelled the agency they own today in miraculous ways.

In this encore episode, we talk specifics about how they carved out their authority position serving their niche. We shine a spotlight on how they approach content, teaching, giving, and acts of service — the kind of dedication that makes them an easy “YES” for right-fit prospects.

Get ready to crush 2024 — with the tools and insights Brian and Kim share — and make it your best year ever!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why Brian and Kim do not create content to sell — and — the approach they take instead
  • How Brian and Kim successfully marketed their shop during the COVID crisis
  • The benefits of teaching, connecting, serving, and sharing generously
  • Specific authority building strategies for serving your niche
  • Why it is important to share the spotlight with knowledgeable members on your team


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