Strategic Planning for Growth & Profit, with Marcel Petitpas

Episode 95

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For this episode of Sell With Authority, we invited a guest expert to help us navigate the critical intersection between growth and profitability in the agency world.

Joining the podcast is Marcel Petitpas, CEO and Founder of Parakeeto. Not only is he the brains behind Parakeeto, but he’s also a sought-after speaker, podcast host, and consultant specializing in agency profitability optimization. Marcel helps agencies measure and improve their profitability by simplifying operations and reporting systems.

As we charge forward into 2024, we’re all about growing revenues, expanding our teams, and achieving new heights. But here’s the catch — growth doesn’t automatically translate to more profit.

Without a strategic plan, your enthusiasm could take a hit when your topline soars, but your bottom line doesn’t keep pace.

Marcel guides us through the metrics that matter and when to pay attention to them — because — no matter how big or small your agency is, profitability should always be top of mind. We never outgrow the need to be smart and vigilant about how we run things.

We help you craft a plan so that as you and your team grow revenue in 2024 — your profit also grows at the same or better pace.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why measuring metrics and agency finances is absolutely critical
  • The difference between delivery margins and delivery costs
  • Ways to improve delivery margins
  • How time tracking can be leveraged to collect more information about your agency
  • How to calculate utilization rate to maximize profitability


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