Make Yourself an Easy Yes for Right-Fit Clients, with Colleen Gallagher

Episode 94

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In this episode of Sell With Authority, we dive deep into not one — but two opportunities that could be absolute game-changers for your agency. Opportunities that won’t just make your agency easier to say yes to — but will open up the door for more conversations with your dream prospects.

More at-bats with right-fit clients — Holy Bananas!

First, we shine a spotlight on getting in front of more prospects by growing your list. Our guest expert, the brilliant Colleen Gallagher, President and CEO of OnWrd & UpWrd, has an ingenious strategy.

Imagine introducing your agency to your dream prospects without the typical, “Hey, let me email you our capabilities deck.” Colleen and her team cracked the code, and we unpack the brilliance behind it.

We don’t stop there. After you implement Colleen’s savvy approach and find yourself in more meaningful conversations, we turn to the second opportunity — leaning into the business issues and challenges obstructing growth for your prospective clients.

This is not just about identifying pain points — but removing the thorn from their side, addressing the issues causing real discomfort. Colleen walks us through how her team does it. It’s about becoming a strategic partner, not just another vendor.

I’m not alone in this conversation; joining me is our very own mad scientist and strategist here at Predictive, Hannah Roth. With her hands-on experience working alongside our clients, she brings a unique perspective to the table.

So, whether you’re a seasoned agency pro or just starting out, get ready to crush 2024 and sell more of what you do — because you got the at-bats you needed, and you made yourself an easy yes for right-fit clients.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The strategy behind the awards campaign Colleen and her team launched to recognize and honor associations for their outstanding work in communication and innovation
  • The obstacles the agency faced in getting the campaign launched, and how they overcame them
  • How OnWrd & UpWrd used AI to streamline their process
  • Why staying on the pulse of right-fit clients’ needs is crucial for agency success
  • Why metrics alone are not enough — how you deliver them matters more
  • Actionable tips for success in client relationships and overall business growth


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