Maximize Agency Profitability with Thought Leadership and Metrics, with Jody Grunden

Episode 97

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I am excited to welcome our guest expert, Jody Grunden, to this episode of Sell With Authority. Jody has been on the front lines navigating agency ownership for over two decades. He Co-Founded Summit CPA Group, a trailblazing firm that pioneered fully distributed operations and became the top provider of Virtual CFO Services in North America. In 2022, Summit joined forces with Anders CPAs + Advisors, rebranding as Summit Virtual CFO by Anders.

On this episode, we dive deep into the challenges, opportunities, and everything in between that agency owners — just like you and me — face everyday.

In our conversation, we tackle key areas that can make or break your agency’s success.

Jody sheds light on why building a thought leadership position is crucial — and — how to do it. We also take a comprehensive look into the key metrics that Jody and his team use to keep clients on top of their game, maximizing profitability and growth — and ensuring a healthy sales pipeline.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How merging Virtual CFO Services into the agency space lead to accelerated growth
  • Why Jody does not want CFOs to be solely agency focused
  • The key reasons building a thought leadership position is pivotal
  • The model Jody created to build a thought leadership position
  • Ways Jody continued to grow his authority position through thought leadership
  • Vital metrics for a healthy pipeline of right-fit clients


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