Strategies to Stop Starvation Marketing with Chris Slocumb

Episode 98

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I am excited to welcome our guest expert, Chris Slocumb, to this episode of Sell With Authority. She is the Founder of Clarity Quest Marketing and has worked with digital health, life sciences, and technology firms on marketing strategy, business planning, and marketing implementation. Chris presently holds eight U.S. patents and is a Forbes Agency Council member. She is also author of the brilliant book Stop Starvation Marketing.

In this episode, we dive deep into the challenges agency owners face when thinking about how to raise the bar of excellence in how we show up for our clients and right-fit prospects.

During our conversation, we discuss the methodology and the moves that agency owners need to put into place to stop starvation marketing.

Chris also sheds light on how we can double down on selling with our hearts and minds — and move past conversations that focus exclusively on features, advantages, and benefits.

When we get all of this right — growing an audience and attracting a steady stream of right-fit clients is much more efficient because you focus on helping your audience solve real business issues, challenges, and problems that are creating chronic pain inside their business.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to tackle the challenges agency owners face when thinking about content, customer journey, leads, and sales in biz dev strategy
  • The Tower of Power Methodology
  • Three keys to building a strong foundation
  • Moves that agency owners need to put into place to stop starvation marketing
  • How to create emotional connections that transcend conversations about features and benefits


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