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Episode 46: Riches in the Niches, with Henry DeVries

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Riches in the Niches — Unlock the potential of niche markets with our insights and strategies – discover riches in the niches!

I’m excited for you to meet our special encore guest expert today — Henry DeVries.

If you’re meeting Henry for the first time — he’s the CEO of Indie Books International. He’s the former president of an award-winning “Ad Age 500” marketing agency — and — Henry is also a weekly columnist for

Henry was my guest for Episode 15 of the podcast, where he shared his expertise around strategies and tactics for writing a book — and then — how to use the book as your primary marketing strategy — or, as Henry likes to say — “Marketing with a Book.”

We’ll be sure to add a link to Episode 15 to today’s show notes. 

Riches in the niches? Okay — I invited Henry to join me for this encore interview so we could focus our time and attention on Chapter 5 of Henry’s latest book entitled, “Marketing with a Book for Agency Owners.”

He titled Chapter 5 — “Riches in Niches.”

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now — or if you’ve read our books — or attended any of our open-mic Q&As or live workshops — you know that here at Predictive ROI…we’re big fans of building a riches in niches strategy.

I’m going to quickly quote Henry from Chapter 5…

Henry writes, “To attract high-paying clients, agency owners must be clear on their ideal prospects. But a target market with a problem is not enough. Agency owners also must find target clients that can afford to pay what you want to charge.” 

Okay — it’s here at the intersection of these two points that Henry and I focused our riches in niches discussion.

How to find right-fit prospects who are willing to pay what you want to charge — and I would argue that when you do this work correctly and your content strategy is on point and generous — your right-fit prospects will be EAGER to pay your premium price.

To help us get there — I asked Henry to walk us through what he calls the “10 filter questions” that you and your team can use as you work through the process of niching down. 

Riches in the niches? In my opinion — Henry’s 10 filter questions are critically important to the process of seeking riches in niches because if we don’t get it right at the beginning — HOLY BANANAS — it’s most likely not going to feel right 2-3 years into your “niche” strategy. 

I promise you — if you take and apply Henry’s advice and build a strategy around riches in niches — and then — have the courage to build an authority position deep in the niche (instead of being sort of committed), you consistently create helpful cornerstone and cobblestone content that shares your smarts with your audience. If you do this work — you’ll not only be seen as the AUTHORITY in the niche, but your sales pipeline will go from being dry to being filled with a steady stream of right-fit clients from within the niche who are eager to work with you — AND — willing to pay your premium price to do it. 

That’s the recipe for riches in niches.


What you’ll learn from this episode is about riches in the niches:

  • Why your riches in niches strategy needs to include stories that matter and where you ought to share them
  • Why it’s so important to share the right social proof with your prospective clients
  • How to find prospects in niches who are willing to pay what you want to charge
  • How to identify riches in the niches and then properly step into the right pond within the right niche
  • How to work through the 10 filtering questions to do the right work up front to help ensure you tap into the riches in niches
  • Utilizing riches in the niches is a powerful strategy to emotionally engage your audience, making your message memorable and compelling in a way that resonates with their needs and experiences.


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