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Episode 78: How to Cold Call, with Tom Martin

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How to Cold Call? Tom Martin — an internationally recognized sales and marketing keynote speaker shared his top secrets on how to cold call.

On this episode of Sell With Authority, we have a special encore guest expert, Tom Martin, who has been in the trenches of the agency business for over 30 years.

How to cold call? Tom is an internationally recognized sales and marketing keynote speaker and the Founder of Converse Digital. He helps agencies just like yours and mine strategically turn conversations into clients, and today, he is sharing some invaluable wisdom on how to do just that.

Recently, Tom wrote a game-changing blog post about raising the bar of excellence in how we show up on LinkedIn, not just for content but also for making those all-important connections without coming across as pushy.

We are focusing on the right LinkedIn approach for Tom’s encore episode. Here’s the reality — the more you educate, share, and lead with valuable content, the more trust you build with your audience, clients, and right-fit prospects.

These teaching moments on how to cold call will also become excellent biz dev opportunities for you and your team in Q4 of this year, and you’ll be in a wonderful position to roar into 2024.

What you will learn in this episode is about how to cold call:

  • Why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Tom’s strategy on how to cold call with content strategy methodology
  • How to open doors with right-fit prospects without sounding pushy
  • The results of Tom’s LinkedIn automation experiment
  • Why you should just stop selling and just start helping



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