How to Never be Without Prospects, with Tom Martin

Episode 14

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Tom is a no-nonsense, straight-talking 30-year veteran of the ad agency business who favors stiff drinks, good debates, and helping agencies Sell Greatly by turning conversations into clients.

As an internationally recognized sales & marketing keynote speaker, founder of Converse Digital, and Author of The Invisible Sale, Tom marries his two passions, marketing & technology, to teach agencies how to leverage digital marketing channels to achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new clients.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • Strategic and tactical ways to turn conversations into clients
  • What is an invisible sale and how is it related to prospecting painlessly
  • Reasonable starting points for using system components in business development
  • How using propinquity helps gain exposure to invisible prospects
  • How a little work with focussed efforts can produce a big impact