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Episode 888

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Our special encore guest today is Kelly Hatfield. Kelly has been in the recruiting and HR field for over 25 years as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. She is the host of the Absolute Advantage Podcast and partner in her most recent venture, Think It. Be It. – a human performance company for high achievers. Kelly’s work with companies in helping them develop their leadership, design recruiting, as well as retention strategies gives her a unique perspective into the hiring experience and leadership from all angles. Now…you may remember Kelly and the wisdom she shared during Episodes 274 and 524 of Onward Nation. And if you haven’t listened to, studied, and applied all she shared during her previous interviews…I highly encourage you to add Episodes 274 and 524 to your list of vital priorities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Kelly has been working on since her previous appearances on Onward Nation in episodes 274 and 524
  • How an interview with guest John Mitchell on Kelly’s podcast, Absolute Advantage, introduced Kelly to the “Think It Be It” methodology
  • Why Kelly became a partner in Think It Be It after her own incredible success using the methodology
  • How Think It Be It helps you reframe your thoughts through visualization to create success for yourself
  • How Kelly uses her visualization techniques to lay the foundation of her day, using specific goals and imagery
  • How practice and invoking the Reticular Activating System of your brain can help you see opportunities you didn’t notice before
  • Why it is important as an entrepreneur and team leader to step back and allow your team members to do their work without inserting yourself to “fix the problem”
  • Why Kelly reads her business plan every single day, iterating and making course corrections as necessary
  • How the Think It Be It process starts with twelve minutes a day, one sheet of paper, and having clarity in your intent

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