What is Cornerstone Content?

Let’s dive deep into cornerstone content, what it is and how it fits into your sales funnel!

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So what do we mean by cornerstone content?

When you think about architects and builders looking over the plans for a new building, the first stone they set is the cornerstone because it is strong, steady, tested and has proven that it’s capable of holding the weight of the structure properly.

The setting of the cornerstone precisely where the architect intended is critical. If the positioning of the cornerstone is off — the entire building will be off.

I want you to think of your niche and point of view as the coordinates that determine where you place your cornerstone content — essentially where you will plant your flag of authority. 

Let’s dig into our definition. 

Cornerstone content is:

  • Big, heavy, and meaty enough to produce lots of smaller pieces of content to slice and dice.
  • Consistent in how often you create content and how much you stay focused on one topic or area of subject matter.
  • Relentlessly helpful (thanks, Susan!). This is about you teaching and showing up being super helpful. 
  • All about building the audience. That’s your primary goal.

Cornerstone content is meaty, dense content that gives us plenty of opportunities to slice and dice it into cobblestones. It needs to have significance. Depending on the channel you choose for your cornerstone content, you might only need to create it once a year or, in the case of a video or podcast series, upwards of once a week.

This is dense content with lots of golden nuggets that can all stand on their own or foster further conversation.

Who is cornerstone content for?

Your cornerstone content lands in what we call the “Macro” stage of your sales funnel — it’s the first stage and is most likely the starting point for someone new finding you — and — your cornerstone content over time helps the “unaddressable audience” in this stage of the funnel eventually move into future stages.

I break all of that down in this week’s video. Hope you find it helpful.

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