How is Cobblestone Content Helpful?

This week we’re stepping into why creating cobblestone content matters! And — if you don’t already have a copy of Sell With Authority — just go here to order your free paperback copy or receive a free Kindle version! Honest — no hoops to jump through or credit card required.

Last week I shared how the big, meaty and dense pieces of Cornerstone Content fit into your sales funnel. As you might recall, cornerstone content is placed into your sales funnel’s “macro stage” to feed your unaddressable audience. Your cobblestone pieces of content are sliced and diced from your more significant cornerstones and designed to help your macro audience move into the micro stage of your sales funnel.

When you slice and dice your cornerstone content into infographics, quote cards, blog posts, tweets, guest appearances on someone else’s podcast, etc., that’s your cobblestone content. Combining your niche expertise and your unique point of view should be woven into every piece of content you create. In some cases, it will be overt and subtle in other instances. But it should always be present to some degree. For example, people doing Google searches might land on a blog post (a cobblestone) that references the overarching research (the cornerstone) and links back to it. Each piece builds on the others, and all of them drive your specific point of view.

As Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Insititute, and I wrote about how the sales funnel is not linear — your prospects will move up and down the funnel. When your unaddressable audience is consuming your cornerstone content at the macro level and sees all of the super helpful golden nuggets and cobblestones you are slicing and dicing, they will eventually raise their hand to give their email in exchange for some of your cobblestones, such as an ebook, checklist, special event, Facebook group membership, and other helpful free resources. 

But you must be consistent in your cornerstone content and slicing and dicing into cobblestones, so you no longer suffer from the “feast or famine” when it comes to biz dev and filling your sales pipeline with a steady stream of well-prepared, right-fit prospects.

If you already have a copy of Sell With Authority, check out Chapter 10 for the “New Business Blueprint.”

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