Be More Than a One-trick Pony

Let’s dig into the third essential to becoming an authority — Don’t be a One-Trick Pony, which I break down in this video.

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What do I mean by not being a “one-trick pony”? Simple — being a one-trick pony means relying on one piece of cornerstone content and then thinking your job is done.

Here’s the reality — to grow your audience, nurture leads, and increase sales, you need to slice and dice your content strategically and consistently, so every time your audience turns around with a question across many channels — there you are being helpful!

That’s what a true authority does.

The cornerstone and cobblestone model will ensure you’re easily findable no matter where your audience hangs out.

Your content needs to be discoverable across multiple channels and ideally shared in numerous formats—long form, short form, written, audio, video, or whatever plays to your strengths, your audience’s media consumption habits, and the creative abilities of your agency.

Before you freak out — remember — this doesn’t mean you need to create original content for each channel. You’re going to be re-purposing and re-packaging key pieces to create that effect.

This is how you can slice and dice your cornerstone content across multiple channels to grow your audience, nurture your leads and increase sales without your leads ever feeling like a prospect by showing up with helpful answers.

You will never be seen as a one-trick pony if you follow this recipe.

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