Sustainable Competitive Advantage Example

Episode 58: Sustainable Competitive Advantage Example, with Susan Quinn

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage Example? Learn practical steps to stand out in a crowd. A Sustainable Competitive Advantage Example awaits.

On this episode of Sell With Authority I am excited to welcome Susan Quinn. Susan is the president and CEO of Circle S Studio and the author of the forthcoming book, “Best In Class Experiences. Does your Business Show Up or Stand Out?

Susan has decades of expertise in helping companies differentiate themselves from the sea of sameness and achieve best-in-class status. Her and her team recently completed a landmark research study on what it means to be considered best in class. Susan is sharing the traits of high-performing best-in-class companies and how those traits help companies weather a crisis.

We also take a deep dive into the three attitudinal segments that Susan and her team uncovered from the research respondents, and how those segments are similar and different. In sustainable competitive advantage example ,we will talk about why that data matters to agencies like yours and mine.

Sustainable competitive advantage example? Best in class companies don’t just compete, they stand out. Susan provides her recommendations for how an agency can create a best-in-class reputation. Think practical and tactical action steps. Applying what Susan shares during this episode will give you the insights and next steps you need to build your best-in-class reputation.

What you will learn in this episode is about sustainable competitive advantage example:

  • How Susan defines best in class
  • The most important ingredients in the recipe that separates a company from competitors
  • The “9 traits of high performing best in class companies” and how they help companies weather a crisis
  • The three attitudinal segments of the research respondents and how those segments are similar and different
  • Susan’s recommendations for how an agency can create a best-in-class reputation
  • How having a reputation for being best in class impacts a company’s recruitment and retention strategies of top talent
  • Studying industry leaders and their sustained success provides a sustainable competitive advantage example, guiding businesses in crafting strategies that stand the test of time in competitive markets.


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