How to Sell Your Agency, with Shane Perkins

Episode 68

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I am thrilled to bring you our guest expert on this episode of Sell With Authority, Shane Perkins. Shane is the CEO of Unite Digital Holdings, a remarkable holding company dedicated to creating a growth-oriented ecosystem for privately held agencies across the United States.

Shane’s primary focus is on expanding the company’s reach through strategic acquisitions, and that’s precisely why I invited him to join us today on the podcast. I had the pleasure of meeting Shane at the Build a Better Agency Summit in Chicago, an event organized annually by the Agency Management Institute. For agency owners, the Build a Better Agency Summit serves as an ideal environment to gather key takeaways and insights, helping them build profitable agencies that they may choose to sell in the future.

Here, I serendipitously bumped into Shane, and we briefly talked about the remarkable work he and his team at Unite do. Instantly captivated by his insights, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to invite him to join us on the podcast.

If your goal is to sell your shop someday — or to run as profitable of an agency as possible so you can build your wealth outside the agency — Shane’s advice and recommendations are incredibly helpful.

What you will learn in this episode: 

  • Why an agency owner should consider what they want personally, and for their clients
  • Why packaging solutions around our right-fit prospects will make scaling easier
  • What represents secure and stable clients
  • Milestones for agency owners to put themselves in the best position to scale their business successfully
  • Pitfalls that agency owners should be thinking about if selling is the right path – and how to sidestep them


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