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Episode 66: Service Optimization, with Raul Hernandez-Ochoa

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On this episode of Sell With Authority, we have a very special guest joining us for an encore interview. If you’re meeting him for the first time, Raul Hernandez-Ochoa is the Founder of Do Good Work, a digital growth consulting practice dedicated to helping agencies, business coaches, and strategic consultants achieve profitable growth.

Now, some of you may remember Raul from episode 57, where we discussed creating a client attraction system. But during that conversation, we stumbled upon an unexpected topic that piqued our interest — productizing a service offering. It sparked memories of my own experiences back in 2002 when I served as the director of business development for an agency.

I can distinctly recall endless discussions within our management team about the incredible potential of productizing aspects of our daily custom work for clients. We dreamed of cracking that nut — the ability to relieve the pressure of starting our profit and loss statement from scratch every month, heavily reliant on billing for time and materials.

Service optimization is a crucial aspect of enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the delivery of high-quality services to clients. Imagine the possibilities — providing clients with faster and potentially more affordable off-the-shelf solutions. And if we cracked that nut, we could potentially reduce the amount of custom work, leading to fewer cost overruns on our estimates. The ultimate goal was to bolster our bottom line and increase profitability.

Perhaps you and your team have had similar discussions. Maybe you’ve already cracked that nut or are exhausted from banging your head against the same wall repeatedly. Either way, I have great news for you. Today, Raul is sharing his invaluable insights and experiences, guiding you forward with the successful productization of your service offerings.

What you will learn in this episode is about service optimization:

  • The importance of service optimization in productizing services to match the expectations of what a client wants from you
  • The advantages of packaging solutions that you already have productized to create a unique presentation for a right-fit prospect
  • Raul’s framework for productizing a service
  • Some of the pitfalls that get agencies face early on in the process and ways to maneuver them
  • How to streamline productizing a service


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