How to Use Purposeful Self-Promotion, with Lisa Bragg

Episode 80

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On this episode of Sell With Authority, we focus our time and attention on a goal that will help you roar into 2024 and crush it throughout the year — how best to leverage your smarts in content and self-promotion that enables you to sell from a position of authority — without looking self-promotional.

I am excited to welcome Lisa Bragg. Lisa is the Founder of MediaFace, a Toronto-based content and consulting firm. She has literally written the book on how to talk about success, Bragging Rights: How To Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion.

Lisa’s book provides a structured approach and framework to enhance your visibility through purposeful self-promotion. She is sharing her invaluable insights and expertise on how to be genuinely helpful to your audience while promoting your work effectively, ultimately moving the needle in your business.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you should market to where you want to go
  • How you can craft a signature story in which your right-fit prospects can see themselves
  • How to teach in both helpful and meaningful ways
  • Ways to best leverage your smarts
  • How to sell from a position of authority without sounding self-promotional


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