How to Narrow Down Your Target Market

Episode 86: How to Narrow Down Your Target Market, with Corey Quinn

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How to narrow down your target market? Refine your business strategy by exploring these techniques on how to narrow down your target market.

For this episode of Sell With Authority, we are going on a bit of a mining expedition — and unearthing some super valuable golden nuggets that you can take and apply straight away.

My guest is Corey Quinn — and if you’re meeting Corey for the first time — he has a 25-year record of extraordinary success as an entrepreneur, sales leader, and marketing executive. His most recent in-house role was serving as Scorpion’s Chief Marketing Officer, which is a small business-focused agency that Corey and his team grew from $20 million a year in recurring revenue to $150 million in under seven years. Holy Bananas — right!

Corey is also the host of The Vertical Go-to-Market Podcast, where he interviews 7, 8, and 9-figure business owners who have been widely successful because they niched down.

How to narrow down your target market? If we go a mile wide and an inch deep — we deplete our resources before we can have any impact. Instead of going wide and attempting to attract a broad audience by writing generic content that is suitable for everyone, true authorities do the reverse. They go narrow.

That’s where the gold is!

Not only did Corey help lead an agency that was niched, and they crushed it — but he’s also a curator and collector of stories and data points of other agency owners who are also crushing it because they niched.

If you take and apply the golden nuggets that Corey shares during this episode, you will be positioned and ready to crush 2024 and make it your most successful and profitable year yet…because you went narrow.

What you will learn in this episode is about how to narrow down your target market:

  • One of the biggest misconceptions that often derails biz dev efforts
  • Leveraging both inbound and outbound sales tactics
  • Why specializing in specific customers and industries helps you differentiate
  • The benefits of taking a vertical marketing approach to your agency
  • How to narrow down your target market
  • How to avoid some of the roadblocks to taking a vertical marketing approach


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