Niche Down Because It Makes Everything Easier, with Erik Jensen

Episode 26

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We’re doing something totally different for this episode of our podcast.

As you know — Erik is one of the owners here at Predictive and has joined Stephen for several episodes on the podcast, which has been a fun opportunity to share Erik’s smarts with our community in new and deeper ways.

No doubt — Erik has a depth of expertise, and we’re looking forward to him joining Stephen as his guest on the show again soon.

That said — for today — we’re going to do something different and share the full-length interview where Erik was interviewed by Deb Zahn, the fabulous host of the “Craft of Consulting” podcast.

Deb did an exceptional job of orchestrating a deep and instructional conversation around a topic that, in our experience — agencies, business coaches, and strategic consultants — typically either run from — or — move toward in a somewhat committed way.

And that topic is — niching down.

When the episode aired — we listened to every word because what Erik shared was so helpful and awesome.

You’ll hear Erik map out in full transparency:

  • How and where to build your position of authority (we call that planting your flag)
  • Why it’s important
  • How to monetize it
  • Overcoming your fear of opportunity costs
  • Recognizing that everything gets easier when you niche down

And much more, which is why we decided to share the full episode with you.

Our guess is — you’ll also love the food analogies Erik shared — so awesome.

The one about the French pastry chef is fantastic!

Okay — so without further ado — here are Deb Zahn and Predictive’s own, Erik Jensen. Enjoy!

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