How to Escape Founder-Led Sales, with Corey Quinn

Episode 111

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For this episode of Sell With Authority, I invited Corey Quinn, who has a 25-year record of extraordinary success as an entrepreneur, sales leader, and marketing executive, to come back for an encore.

In episode 86 of the podcast, Corey and I went on a bit of a mining expedition where we unearthed a ton of golden nuggets around how to narrow down your target market — and then — how to avoid some of the typical roadblocks that agencies run into when they begin to specialize and focus on a particular vertical market.

Today, we dive into an area that we’ve never explored with any real depth on the podcast before.

And that’s — how to escape founder-led sales.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve chatted with agency owners celebrating the hire of that mythical, unicorn new biz salesperson who’s supposed to ignite a fire of new clients and profitable work, I’d be rolling in it.

On the flip side — I’ve also heard countless stories of disappointment — owners lamenting yet another failed biz dev hire who couldn’t even cover their salary.

Then there are the founders who desperately want to focus on biz dev, but just can’t find the time. As a result, lead generation stalls and conversations with right-fit prospects fall by the wayside.

That’s why I asked Corey to join us today. He is a powerhouse in outbound marketing strategies, and he shares game-changing insights to help agency owners generate consistent sales and communicate their expertise.

And — if you apply the strategies Corey lays out in his book, Anyone, Not Everyone, A Proven System to Escape Founder-Led Sales, you’ll be well on your way to filling your sales pipeline with a steady stream of right-fit clients — the clients you want to serve and those that bring opportunities to sell more of what you do.

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What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to focus on a vertical market and get razor-sharp positioning
  • The power of a strategic, long-term gifting approach
  • How to transition from founder-led sales to a more scalable sales model
  • Why investing in a well-curated list is crucial for outbound success
  • Key components of a strong sales process to capitalize on generated opportunities
  • Common outbound marketing mistakes and how to avoid them


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