Be Curious, Not Judgemental, with Cary Weston

Episode 21

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Cary Weston is President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sutherland Weston. Cary is the person that will cut through the trendy business-speak and help define what the real goal is. A fan of function over form, his charge is to ensure that creativity doesn’t mask the need and that the work is focused on results.

Too honest at times, he believes the world could benefit from some more ‘old-fashioned’ and less ‘bright and shiny.’

Cary is active on several community boards and causes, including volunteering as a board member for little league and coaching youth basketball and football.

He was a founding member and the initial Chair of Fusion: Bangor, an organization developed to connect and inspire young professionals to become active and engaged in their community. He has served as a multi-term city councilor, is a former Mayor of his hometown Bangor, and founded the Mayor’s Coalition in Maine.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How Cary’s nontraditional professional path began
  • What Cary learned the first time he walked into an agency
  • Why Cary’s new perspective led him to use research as cornerstone content
  • Why the fear of failing doesn’t stop Cary’s drive
  • The impact of Cary’s research on business development processes and personal relationships
  • Ways Cary is continuing to help solve client’s problems with data-driven results


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