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Episode 23: Authority Positioning, with Dr. Angela Lauria

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Authority positioning, a podcast with Dr. Angela Lauria. Learn how agencies and clients became successful through authority positioning.

Authority positioning will make you the obvious choice to your target audience. Dr. Lauria will explain how this could be one of the best tools your agency will ever use. 

Dr. Angela Lauria, freelance ghostwriter, and editor, founded The Author Incubator in 2013. The Author Incubator was first created to be a home for bold, influential—even radical—ideas in publishing. Angela had planned a career in activism and social change after completing her PhD in the European Graduate School where her dissertation “From Medea to Media: Live Performance as a Vehicle for Social Change” was published by ATRPOS PRESS as part of the Think Media Philosophy Series.

Little did Angela realize that it was this experience of getting her own book published that would forever alter her trajectory and unknowingly provide her with authority positioning. To pay her way through graduate school, she helped companies and individuals write and publish their books.

However, when Angela realized the publishing industry was ripe with subversion and disruption, she decided that she was being called to do something about it. It was then that she had the vision to create The Author Incubator: To empower agents of change and transformation; coaches, healers, lightworkers to write their book, to create a difference, and ultimately, to create massive social change in the process.


What you will learn in this episode is about authority positioning:

  • Ways Dr. Angela and her team expertly craft their marketing strategies
  • Examples of bold moves that Dr. Angela implements to become more helpful and impactful for her community
  • How Dr. Angela’s perspective on authority positioning has led to 27 of her clients becoming millionaires
  • What methods and filters in her conversations result in the shortest pathway for her clients reaching their goals
  • The Gold Star Idea approach




Authority Positioning: Full Episode Transcript


Authority positioning will give you a competitive edge in your marketing, so welcome to the Sell with Authority podcast without further ado. I’m Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI. My team and I created this podcast specifically for you. So, suppose you’re an agency owner, a business coach, or a strategic consultant, and you’re looking to grow a thriving, profitable business that can weather the constant change that is our world’s reality well. In that case, you’re in the right place.


Do you want proven strategies for attracting a steady stream of well-prepared, right-fit prospects into your sales pipeline? Yep. We’re going to cover that. Do you want to learn how to step away from the sea of competitors to stand out on the ground you’re standing on? Yeah, we’re going to cover that, too. Do you want to future-proof your business so you can navigate the following challenges that come your way?


Well, absolutely. We’ll help you there as well. Each episode of this podcast will contain valuable insights and tangible examples of best practices, not theory, from thought leaders, experts, and owners who have done exactly what you’re working hard to do. So, I want you to think practical and tactical. No fluff. Each of our guests has built a position of authority and monetized that position by claiming their ground, growing their audience, nurturing leads, and converting sales.


But they did it by being helpful. Whenever someone from their audience turned around, they were given a valuable answer to an important question. So their prospects never, ever, ever felt like prospects. I also promise that every strategy we discuss and every tool we recommend will be shared in complete transparency in each episode.


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Authority Positioning: Dr. Angela Lauria’s Introduction


Authority positioning is all about planting your flag, claiming your ground, and filling your sales pipeline with that steady stream of right-fit clients. I am beyond excited for you to meet our exceptional guest expert today, Dr. Angela Lauria. If you’re meeting Dr. Angela for the first time, she’s the founder of The Author Incubator. Angela and her team provide expert guidance to aspiring authors on how to write and publish their books.


They’ve worked alongside. This is a super impressive number. They worked alongside over 1500 authors in doing just that. She also authorizes several books, including Make Them Beg to Be Your Client. I love that title, by the way. Okay. So there are several reasons why I invited Angela to join me as my guest today in July; when she said yes, I was like, holy bananas.


She said, “Yes.” That’s rock solid. Awesome. I’m excited because you, Dr. Angela, and I are philosophically aligned. Here’s what I mean for Dr. Angela. Her work is about making a difference and helping others make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. She’s committed to helping people in her community realize their time is now.


She’s committed to helping people within her community finally see all the little clever reasons they’ve been secretly telling themselves to justify that playing small is okay and that they should be content with small. She’s committed to teaching, sharing, and exclaiming, which is unique, different, and point of view. She realizes that the author’s incubator will be something other than attractive to just everyone.


Her marketing is so expertly crafted that it repels the wrong prospects. So, that type of bold move. It takes courage, and I love that. As you’ll hear in her voice, she has a real passion for her work and a desire to help the authors as she walks alongside them. So here’s what Dr. Angela and I hope for you as a result of listening to this conversation: the small plane will no longer be acceptable, and you will courageously share your smarts and insights with the people you want to serve.


Suppose you’re already doing that well. That’s awesome. Then, this conversation will undoubtedly provide you with new strategies and tactics that will help you raise the bar in your work, Make your work more profound, and make it even more helpful and impactful to your audience. Lastly, we hope you will leave this conversation feeling renewed and ready.


Yeah, this plan or this path in the journey of authority positioning can be complicated. Yes, it can be exhausting at times. However, Angela and her team have helped their authors share their expertise with millions of readers worldwide. So, if you’re committed to genuinely building an authority position that makes a difference for your audience, you picked the correct episode. So, without further ado, welcome to the Sell with Authority podcast, Dr. Angela. 


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Authority Positioning: Embracing An Entrepreneurial Mindset


Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here. There’s nothing I don’t enjoy more than selling with authority. It’s the only way to do it, and I do mean that I love that title because that’s what attracted me. To say yes to coming on is like seeing most people selling with it. I hope people will buy, which is the worst way to sell.


Selling with authority is so much better, not only for you but also for the buyer. I know this isn’t where we’re supposed to start, but I have a sales story that drives me crazy. I mean to tell it, and you edit it out. But we need windows. We have a beach house, and we need windows. It’s $100,000 worth of windows, and we need them.


If we don’t replace our windows, it will eventually affect our property value. I’m an easy sell here. I need the windows, like selling a water heater. And I’ve had very few people sell windows in our area, but I’ve had the two companies come out okay. And I’ve noticed, and it’s that they need to be more entrepreneurs or business owners like the people listening to this podcast.


These are employees. They’re probably paid on a commission but need to be more entrepreneurial. But one of the guys came in. They both did something similar. The guy came in, and he was like, “Hey, nice to meet you. What do you need?” I’m like, “All new windows.” And he’s like, “Do you want fiberglass or wood?” I know nothing about windows. 


Would you like to write a book? I can tell you about writing a book. I would not have called you if I knew I wanted fiberglass or wood. I would probably get the fiberglass or wood, right? It’s exciting how people want to describe their products and not own their authority, like educate me, walk in, and say, “Listen, lady, your house is right on the beach. What you’re going to need is fiberglass. And I’m going to tell you that’s twice as expensive. But if you get wood, it will rot out in two years, and you will have to replace these windows. I’m not even going to talk to you about wood windows.” So, owning your authority isn’t about being arrogant.


And it isn’t it. It isn’t about just charging more, bragging, or selling with authority, which, to do that, you have to own your control. It’s a gift you give to the buyers that they can trust you, that they’re like, this is someone who knows what they’re talking about. Thank God. I know nothing about windows and a seashore house.


Whew. I’m glad this guy walked into my life. Yeah, let’s talk a bit more about the compelling gift—how you just said that—the gift you give to the buyers. Why do you feel that way? And you think I am worried about my home value? I’m concerned about my windows. I do not want to learn everything about windows, salt, nor’easters, fiberglass, and wind.


I don’t want to become an expert on Facebook ads, accounting for the love of God, or taxes. I want to become something other than an expert on content marketing. I want you to be the expert in your field. Right? And when you do that, I will happily pay more.


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Authority Positioning: Using A Business Strategy


I’m not as price sensitive as you think, but if I have to do your job and mine, if you are now an employee, I have to micromanage and establish authority positioning on something I know nothing about, then I want a discount. Yeah, this is this is going to be so great. One of the things that will be illuminating is what you and I were talking about in the green room before we hit record, and that is before it’s time to write the book.


And a fantastic success story here is that you and your team have helped me think I got this number right. If not, then correct me. Twenty-seven millionaires, 27 millionaires. Okay, we just got our first guy. I used to say all women, but 26 of them are women. We just got our 27th guy. So amazing. Would you agree with us on why, or are there many reasons? Sons?


One reason is that before you start writing the book, you’re like, great, we’re going to write this book, but let’s take a step back. Think strategically about the business around the book, build that, and then write the book that supports the company. The process is at a high level correctly.


They are a little bit simultaneous. So, the book is the business. So if you’re establishing yourself as an expert, the way that we do that is we write a book that has a framework that is unique to you, that you couldn’t go to anyone else to get. Okay. What is your unique differentiator once we have that process that’s unique to you? That’s what you can sell.


I use a lot of business strategy that’s similar to authority positioning in the beginning. So, who are you? What’s unique about you? What are you going to sell? We get all that sorted, then we create a process. Then you could even sell it. We have a lot of people who make ten, twenty, thirty, even up to $250,000 before they write their book by just getting some early clients to test out the material in the book.


Then, we write it, sell it again, and edit it. So, it’s very iterative. The book is the product. What you’re selling is I will do this book with you. That could be a speech you’ll give to somebody, a company, or a workshop. It could be done for your services, a low-ticket membership, or high-ticket coaching.


But the book is like a book version of your program. So we need to know what program, product, or service you’re selling and how we put that into book form so that you can sell more. So let’s think about the 27 millionaires here for a second because that’s important. It’s a significant number, both from a social proof perspective and a process perspective.


So if I were to ask you, what if I were to ask you as I’m asked? I just ask myself to go. So what do they do well the hardest that what everyone thinks it’s going to be is like they have a great design, they write excellent copy. They called more podcasts to be a guest.


It’s none of that. And I wish it were okay. It is owning their authority. Okay, so let’s break that down because when I hear that, I’m like, excellent. But what what do you mean by that? So, I’ll give you an example. 


Learn more about Dr Angela Lauria’s authority positioning by visiting her website


Authority Positioning: Know Your Audience


One of my millionaire authors is a woman named Rosanna Austin. Rosanna was a successful corporate lawyer when she came to me, and she looked 25, and she still looks 25, but it turns out she was 40, and she had trouble conceiving and had what she calls a miracle baby.


She learned a process or created a strategy for fertility while she was able to get pregnant and then shared this with other friends, and they got pregnant. And so when she came to me, she said, “I would like to write this down in a book in case it helps other people.” And I think she sort of imagined the issue would be written down.


It would go on Amazon. Then, if anyone were ever trying to get pregnant, they would magically find it. They would read it, cover to cover, follow the steps, memorize them, and get pregnant. Okay. And so one of the first things I said to her is, you need to sell coaching with this because people don’t buy books, memorize them, and put them into action.


If you think of a book as a classic, like the iMac, you either bought it or read it and thought, that’s cool. And maybe you remember one thing: they were selling love; it was the emotion. Yes. I don’t know anything else in that book, but I remember that. 


Or you were like, what is this book? I’ve been waiting for this all of my life. Does this guy have any programs or products I can like? I hear this guy talk. You visit the website, become an E-Myth person, and buy all the things. Yes. So which one were you? I’m all E-Myth, so I have not. So, I’m a different duck here.


I love that book since it somewhat relates to authority positioning. I’ve read it several times and know all about Sarah, her anthem, and the pies in her kitchen. So I’m a good student. I take to apply or highlight apply the second book they call that. I’m going to prove it. It’s right here. Okay, so you proved my point. There is the you are the rare category.


I’m going to tell you I have a bad name for you. Come on. Yeah. So, there are three kinds of readers. One is people who like the idea, stick it on their shelf, and do nothing, which is most likely the case for most people. They’re like, this is nice. They put it on the shelf, and that’s you for most books, maybe not The E-Myth, but you still need to do that with every book, right?


Correct. Okay. So there’s those people that are like, excellent book, put it down. Then there are the people who are like, Who is this person? I’m giving them all my money. And then there is what I say: anyone who reads your whole book highlights it and puts notes. They’re never giving you money. Don’t worry about them.


Yeah, so there are DIY people. There are very few. It’s less than 2% of your readers, but they’ll never buy from you. Usually, they’re cheapskates. They want to do it themselves. Okay, that’s not me, but. Okay. You think I’m not? She usually they are. They’re like, I’m just going to do this myself. And my thing is like, Let’s be happy they did it.


Yeah, but they’re never going to buy. And the people who just think it’s an excellent idea, they’re never going to buy. But we write books to that 16% of readers who are like, Who is this person? How can I give them my credit card? How fast can I give them my credit card? So that’s what Roseanne did. When I said, you got to sell coaching, you got to sell a service, and people will wait to read this, memorize it, or put it into action.


That’s different from how most people work. She was like, okay. They ended up quitting the law firm and creating a $1,000,000 fertility business. And because she was willing to go to the next level with a few readers, not all of them, most people think it was an excellent book. But some people will want to do the book with the author.


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Authority Positioning: Knowing Your Expertise


Most of my less successful authors aren’t willing to give up their day jobs. They are eager to share their story entirely, but then they want to leave it to you to implement it. So the difference between the millionaires is they’re like, “Yes, I am the best expert in the world at this, or the very least, I’m going to keep trying. I’m making it my full-time thing. I’m reading every book on this. I’m going to every conference. I am an expert on this topic.” Okay, so here’s why I was quickly scribbling this in my notes when you just said, Let’s go back to the Windows story for a second. You said it’s the gift you give to the buyer, right?


In this case, we’ll say the gift you give to the reader. But when you said I do the book with the author, essentially you’re giving them the present, or you’re allowing them to do the book or to do the book with the author told to walk alongside the author and their team to live out within the reader to a take and apply what is in the book, right?


That’s what you want with your favorite book? Yeah, it’s your favorite reader. You’re like, I wish the author would do this with me. I love to hear what I mean, even if it’s a Malcolm Gladwell book, which we call a platform speaking book. Yeah, even though you just read it, you know what it says. You still want to hear Malcolm Gladwell explain it in person, spend time with him walking you through it, and be able to ask questions.


Well, okay. So, let’s go back to the email for a second. And I know it’s been a long time since Michael wrote the first version in the eighties and then The E-Myth revisited in the early nineties. I get all of that, and he’s at a different stage in his life and all about it. And the business is different today.


I missed the window of opportunity and I haven’t established authority positioning. I know the company still exists, but that’s not what I’m saying; it just feels different. One of the reasons we didn’t work alongside the Michael Gerber companies is that the feeling is different. So, that aside, the feeling is different than when I was getting ready for our conversation and super excited about what you said. I know that now, as a prospective alike, I will get you and get a level of intimacy and working in the trenches, slinging the same mud and all. And that is an incredible experience when, as a buyer, we know that we get the thought leader to share his or her trials, tribulations, and successes as if we were just talking about it with Roseanne.


That’s powerful, right? Imagine being one of Michael Gerber’s first clients when the first E-Myth book came out, and it did within that first year. And you’re excited to talk about it. You know it’s the thing that he’s studying and thinking about most. It’s an incredible opportunity. But you have to have full authority.


You can’t. The biggest challenge I have with others is people. I’m sure Roseanne was a fantastic lawyer because she’s an excellent fertility expert. She could help people with their relationships and find their life’s purpose. And I’m sure she could. But I need to find out how people will make a podcast.


She could do many things, but if she’s doing all those things, she can’t be the best in the world at fertility, right? She’s the generalist, right? That is the most significant gift that you give. They were sales guys like those who came to sell me windows. They weren’t windows experts. All they had to be were window experts, and I would have bought windows from them.


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Authority Positioning: Put Up or Shut Up


Why are you so committed in authority positioning? Like again, as I was preparing for this conversation, it’s like, wow, she’s committed to helping people in her community no longer play small. Why? Why is that so important to you? Yeah, I want to focus on the phrase in your community because I don’t care if people play small or not. But if you’re going to say you want to do big things, if you’re going to tell me you want to be a bestselling author, if you’re going to tell me you want your story to help people, then either you’re a liar, or you have to stop saying playing small.


But, like me, I tell a story about my mom, whom I love. My mom does not have a message for everyone. My mom wants to go to her grandchildren’s baseball games, and she has no interest in playing day. She wants to make pasta basil. She wants to sit by the pool with her daughter and grandchildren. She wants to go to baseball games like that’s my mom, and she has kept her house immaculately clean.


And I like your mom very much. She’s fantastic. It’s great. And I have no desire to walk into my mom’s kitchen and be like,” Let’s bottle up the past of us all and sell it to 100 stores in the air.” Like now at all. Do you want to play big? I care about people who say, I’ve wanted to write a book for six years.


I want to help people with my message. I know how to take whatever I have. I have the cure for eternal youth. I have this fantastic solution to writing a book and doing Facebook ads, and I want to share it with them. But now I’m not. I’ve been discussing it for six years and have yet to do it.


So I think this might be because I’m on the spectrum, but as an autistic person, I’m very literal, and I’m either, you know, I will confront people to be like, “No, you don’t want to make a difference. No, you don’t want to play big. No, you don’t want to scale your business because you would be doing it right if you did.”


So, put up or shut up. I don’t care. I’ll come over for pasta. Bosa will invite me. But if you are going to say you want a significant outcome, if you want $1,000,000 business, and then you’re trying to play it safe, well, you’re just lying. So, that’s why I picked the phrase in my community to focus on.


Anyone who gets through the doors and into my community wants a significant outcome; they want to be on Oprah and a TED Talk. If you. If you want to be on Oprah, you can do 20 things: quit your job, do this one thing, be the best in the world, study hard, get up, and go to bed late.


If you don’t want to do that, I don’t care. But don’t stay. You want to be on Oprah but are not willing to do the work one or the other. So awesome. 


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Authority Positioning: Be Transparent at The Start


So let’s go back to something you just said because it ties into how I introduced you to our audience when you said get through the doors. After all, I certainly don’t mean this to some patronizing when, again, getting ready for a conversation, your videos, your content.


It’s bold and courageous, set up in such a way and so expertly crafted that the wrong-fit prospect says thank you, but no, the right-fit perspective author says yes. Tell us more about that. Yes. Where have you been? All my life is exemplary. So tell us more about why you set it up that way and how you set it up that way.


Yeah. My philosophy is that I am married, but it would be very similar if I were dating. Yeah. Many people set their businesses up to help people shop. For example, I sell tomato sauce. I’m going to be on the counter with all the other tomato sauces or on the shelf with all the tomato sauces, and you can compare the price and ingredients and our design and how holding the tomato sauce makes you feel, and you get to pick with excellent.


So, I do something different and am very clear about what I do. I only do it one way, which is the best way in the world. I am a prominent person and approach. I’m trying to bring in fewer people than possible. I’m trying to repel people who don’t dig me at 11 as 100% myself.


And so I don’t want to pretend to be someone else with my client and be like, “Well, Stephen, I’m glad you’re here today. We’re going to be talking about chapter one.” Like, I just want to be myself. I want to be able to swear. I want to call you a cheapskate. I want to jump on in there and say anything I need.


So, I do that on my dating profile before discussing going on that first date. I want you to see who I am, and I do it very loudly, not to be the most appealing tomato sauce but to be the most authentic and authentic me. And if you don’t dig it, you’ll be like, “The hell is wrong with this girl?”


And I’m okay with that. Throughout the sales process, I’m pushing you to get clear on your outcomes and develop your best plan for getting that outcome. If you have a better strategy than working with me, I want you to follow that plan like I am for you. Reach your goals. I am not for you working for me; working with me, I’m for you.


You are reaching your goals on authority positioning. So when we get into a sales conversation, I’m only open to discussing your goals, your best plan for achieving them, and why you think it has yet to work. If you’ve tried stuff that has yet to work, why do you think it hasn’t? And if they say anything that indicates the reason it didn’t work was them, I won’t take them as a client.


Why? Like if somebody said, if I’m like, what’s your goal? And they say, to get my business to $1,000,000 in revenue? And I say, What have you done? And they say I hired Stephen and the Sell with Authority crew, but their calls were at the wrong time and like, they always wanted me to do their plan and, but I have some other ideas, and I didn’t like the way that they had their program structured because you don’t even get Stephen.


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Authority Positioning: Avoid Working with Wrong-Fit Clients


You have to work with some other guy. I am quick with her. I don’t need any more information; I’m good. Let’s take this back to some of the bullet points you mentioned when you said I am very clear about what I do. I only do it one way, and it’s the best in the world.


My evident approach repelled those who didn’t dig me. So when you’re going through all of that, like you’re using those things as filters in that conversation, and it sounds like looking for reasons to exclude, and they’re looking for reasons to like to prove along your book, make them beg to be your client. Right? Because then, if all of that works out well, you get to the end in that prospective client says, Where have you been all my life?


Right? Yeah. If they don’t say that to me, it’s not fun for me, and they’re not getting a fantastic result. I don’t want people to pay me a lot to argue with me. Yeah, I want people to pay me a lot of money, do everything I say, and become a millionaire or whatever they want, a bestselling author, a speaker on significant stages, whatever their goal is.


If I say yes, it means I can help you reach this goal, but I can’t help you get the plan if you argue with me or even if I could. I don’t want to. I call that corporate. In my corporate career, here’s how we could reach this strategic objective. And then I had to compromise on everything.


How do I make the software team happy? How do I make the final team happy? How do I make the CEO feel like it was his idea? How do I make the product team feel satisfied? And then my idea of how to get there as quickly as possible is now slow and painful and includes compromises I don’t want to make.


So, I don’t do that as a publishing consultant. I just come in and say, “Here’s the fastest path to your goal. Would you like me to take you there?” And if you’re like, “I want to look at other options,” I’m like, “Yeah, forget it. Go. Hopefully, one of those other options will be perfect for you.” If you’re not looking for the shortest path to that outcome or don’t believe I can get you to that outcome, I’d rather not have the client or the hassle.


I suspect many in our audience are nodding because we all know what working with the wrong-fit client feels like. It’s no fun. You can’t establish authority positioning. Yeah, we need to come in for a landing here quickly. We were running out of time, and I knew this would go by fast like lightning.


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Authority Positioning: The Gold Star Idea


What’s what? What do you think is the first step to obtaining authority positioning? So you’ve talked several times and have referred to owning their authority. Based on your experience, what is their first step to owning their jurisdiction? Yeah, we call it the Gold Star idea, but basically, you have to find the thing in the world that you want to be the best in the world, that you at least want to be the best in the world.


If you know someone who is the best in the world at a thing, you should send your prospects there. If you’re not at least trying to be the best, So this Gold Star idea has to have three features. First, it must be aligned with your mission in the world. So why are you here on the planet, you God’s job? Some of our clients call it, but your higher purpose, your higher calling.


So that will be something, empowering or building a better workforce. It will be lofty and not specific to improving education for everyone. It’s going to sound like that. What’s your mission? Next, you have to have some expertise there; if you don’t, they’re like, I want to help people be friends after divorce.


That’s my mission. We can have more for love. The love doesn’t have to stop. But you’re not a marriage and family therapist. Your only experience is your divorce. You’ll have to find some way to get trained and get clients. They can be practice clients give speeches. Malcolm Gladwell talks about this as the 10,000 hours.


You don’t need 10,000 hours to write your book, but you need a few hundred, right? Like, probably 1000 or say if you haven’t been doing this academically as an employee, friend, or in some other capacity, you should let the experts be experts. So, we have to find your mission and expertise.


And then the third thing is market fit. There have to be buyers for this. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they say to me, “No one’s ever done this before”. And I’m like, “That’s a disaster.” Like, you are not going to create a category. I think Slack is a category like that’s a new category that didn’t exists now.


That was millions and millions of dollars, and partnering with huge brands and companies like yours would not create a new category. So, a market fit must be something you have a competitor in. You need a competitor to work, so you must do a competitive analysis and find some competitors.


You have to be an expert and committed to continuing to work on that expertise. And it has to be aligned with your mission. So, the first thing I do with people is identify that Gold Star idea before we build the product, set out, or write a book. We’re like, “What is it that you could hold authority on?”


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Authority Positioning: Teaching Skeptics the Law of Attraction


Okay, so let me give that right back to you again. We’re quickly running out of time, so mission expertise is a market fit. It feels like there is the Gold Star idea. Then, as I’m thinking about it, you’ll laugh if you see my chicken scratch in all my notes. But earlier, when you talked about getting all that sorted out, selling it, writing the book, going back, doing it again, and so forth.


So when you mention an iterative process, that makes me feel like all through that iterative process, you are continuing to test and retest and validate the Gold Star idea and establish authority positioning in my track. That’s the whole purpose. That’s why you have to put it out in the marketplace. I had a fantastic author. She was one of my first clients when I started my business, and she said that I teach skeptics the law of attraction.


I work a lot with men who are scientists and engineers. They’re skeptical of the law of attraction and want to understand why their wives discuss manifesting and going to Joe’s disbands events. A lot of times, their wives will send them to me. So she had a dad who was a scientist and a science teacher, and she wrote this fantastic book, Teaching the Law of Attraction, in purely scientific terms.


Wow. It’s fantastic. Then she released it, got clients, and quickly made six figures from her book within the first few months. Okay. All of her clients were skeptics because that’s what her book was about. And she returned to me six months later, and she’s like, “I hate working with skeptics.” Do you know what skeptics are?


They’re skeptical. They’re skeptical of everything. And it seems so good. We tested it. She got clients what it is her mission to teach about how we could be more aligned with the laws of the universe. She is an expert because of her dad and her experience in STEM, but it’s a Gold Star idea. It just made her miserable, right?


So she came back. She said I’m ready to write another book with you. Book number two was about numerology. And there are no skeptics that are interested in numerology. Like, that’s even beyond me. I’m the world. Like you will get the far woo people, so that’s what she does now; she does astrology readings and numerology work for a whole that already believes that.


And she’s probably much happier. Much happier. Yeah. I’m so much happier. 


Learn more about Dr Angela Lauria’s authority positioning by visiting her website


Authority Positioning: Closing Remarks


This has been a fantastic conversation abbott authority positioning. Before we close out and say goodbye to anything you think we have missed. And then please do tell our audience the best way to connect with you. Awesome. There’s a book and an actual professionally published book where you have bestseller status is the single best lead magnet for high-quality clients that will be aligned.


If there might be cheaper ways to get leads, I think you know there’s somebody right now who’s super into teaching quizzes and has very famous, very well-established examinations. Those are very low-cost leads, which are low-quality to use but low cost. You get what you pay for, people.


So, if you want a few plus clients who do everything you say and pay you a lot of money, there is no better lead magnet, in my experience, than a book. So that’s the number one thing. And if you want to try coaching with me, I offer a free trial week for the reason we discussed today.


So you spend a week with me. I will coach you for a whole week at no charge, and then you get to decide if you want to chase me down the street throwing bundles of cash at me or I’ll blow your mind in a week. I know you’ll get a ton of value. And if you want to keep working together, you will see what you’re getting.


And you do get me. I don’t pass you off to somebody else. So that is the number five five-day book launch, five-day book launch dot com. If you go there, you sign up. We spend a week together, and you see if I’m worth fighting for. So, every time I do it, a few people say yes, and everybody else gets a ton of value.


And that’s great for me. Okay, everyone, no matter how many notes you took or how often you go back to listen to Angela’s words of wisdom, which I sure hope you do, the key is to take what she so generously gave and apply it to accelerate your results. And Angela, thanks very much for saying yes.


Thanks very much for coming to the show talking about authority positioning, being so generous, and sharing your smarts, insights, wisdom, and expertise so that we can move our businesses to the next level. Thank you so much, my friend. Love it. Thank you for having me. It’s been fun being here.


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