Fast Track Filling Your Sales Funnel, with Andy Buyting

Episode 41

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Andy Buyting is an expert in thought leadership and content marketing. His “integrated content” strategy has served both himself and his clients exceedingly well.

Andy’s thought leadership journey started when he published his first business book in 2007 and started publishing his first magazines in 2009. Since that time, he has leveraged his integrated approach to print, digital and interactive marketing strategies to establish himself as a thought leader in content marketing and brand positioning.

Andy’s 2nd book, How to Win Clients & Influence People, is now in its 2nd edition and is an International Bestseller on Amazon. In 2021, Andy co-authored Double Sales/ Zero Salespeople: Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Into One Business Development Strategy That Works!

Through Tulip Media Group, his team of marketing coordinators perform like superheroes!

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How Andy and his Tulip team build a sales machine beginning at step one of lead generation
  • How Andy’s business development assembly line approach can improve performance
  • The steps to create an effective website with message content that converts prospects into client partners
  • Why a call to action must be clear and intentional to connect with prospective clients in the most effective way
  • Andy’s guide for getting on the fast track to filling your sales funnel


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