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Episode 967: Transformational Experiences, with Cate Stillman

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Transformational experiences are Cate Stillman’s way of improving everyone around her. Learn more about her approach to transformational experiences.

Transformational experiences will help your client and yourself in a personal and professional manner. Cate is an expert at this, and she will share how her journey changed her life in ways that she can’t even imagine.

Cate Stillman, founded in 2001, a $1 M+ revenue a year business. Cate is a leader and author in the field of Ayurveda, Peak Performance, and Habits (titles: Body Thrive; Master of You); podcaster with 2M downloads, and global community builder. She runs Yogahealer with her remote team (10 contractors + 40 work studies), so she can ski, surf and run rivers with her family in the Tetons and Mexico.


What you will learn from this episode about transformational experiences:

  • How Cate recently released her new book, Master of You, and what key information and business skills the book teaches readers
  • How Cate’s team became dysfunctional and left her taking over 80% of her team’s work, and how transformational experiences helped correct the issue
  • How Cate reassembled her team with a diverse and global group of 1099 employees and built a seven-figure “lifestyle business”
  • How creating courses and teaching others became cornerstone content that led to Cate’s books, and how the books then feed into an interest in the courses
  • How Cate’s wellness business model became another way for her to teach and serve others within the wellness industry
  • How the global pandemic has impacted Cate’s business and what silver linings she has been able to identify for her business despite the crisis
  • How Cate’s business, at its core, is about helping people and businesses undergo transformational experiences
  • What valuable lessons Cate learned through building her business and during the global pandemic crisis, and how alignment and intentionality were key
  • How Cate uses peer mentorship as a cornerstone of her coaching business, and why influencers are powerful resources
  • How Cate converted a relatively unsuccessful and unprofitable course she created into the future of her thought leadership cornerstone content


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Transformational Experiences: Full Episode Transcript


Get ready to find your recipe for success on transformational experiences from America’s top business owners here at Onward Nation with your host, Stephen Woessner.


Good morning. I’m Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI, and your host for Onward Nation, where I interview today’s top business owners so we can learn their recipe for success, how they built in, how they skill their business. In fact, my team at Predictive ROI, you know, during the crisis, during the challenges that we’re all going through right now, we started this process actually back in 2019 when you heard me started talking about doubling down on content.


How can we be helpful? Well, we have completely doubled down on the doubling down right now. And so we have recently rebuilt and continue to build out our free resources section on So you can download free practical and tactical guides for everything from how to build out your own authority sales machine, everything for how to create your ideal client avatar, how to build out a value ladder, a sales funnel, how to make sure your content strategy aligns with the ten truths of being an authority.


So just go to It’s all there. It’s 100% free. And as always, everything you request will be sent right to your inbox. Okay, Onward Nation. Before we jump into the conversation with Cate Stillman, I want to give you some additional context around why. When Cate said yes to coming back for this encore and we had a chance to do sort of a pre-interview, kind of, well, how would we frame that up and what are some of the big golden nuggets? I got so excited about how helpful this conversation is going to be.


Well, why? Because she’s built what many business owners what I think you’d consider to be the dream company. And here’s what I mean by that. So her team is virtual and they’re spread around the world, and Cate spends her time between her home in Wyoming. She has a couple of homes in Mexico. She has all the free time, family time and so forth that she needs, that she wants because she has intentionally structured it that way.


Her clients, her students in her programs, well, they get all of the expertise that they need and all of the smarts that they need in order to create these transformative moments in their business. And yet, that involves very, very little of Cate’s time because she has built a system, a process, a structure with intentionality, which she goes into in full transparency.


And I think you’re going to really love and it’s going to be super helpful to your business. She’s built also a system that gives her the time and the space and the freedom to create new courses, which then turn into books. And then once the books are published, as it relates back to that cornerstone course, then she improves the course and makes it that much better based on feedback.


This really amazing loop of awesome is really quite phenomenal. And again, she shares that in full transparency. And what I love about her is the courage. She never ever looks for the easy way out. She always confronts and makes the hard decisions. She doesn’t run from that, which is just super inspiring in Covid. We talk about that quite a bit because and I really want you to hear her point of view around this and how Covid has represented silver linings.


Are there silver linings through the crisis for all of us? Yes, albeit we have to look harder and deeper and maybe put our creativity to the test. And that’s why I think this conversation with Cate is going to be extremely helpful. So we walk through all of that and more in this conversation. So without further ado. Welcome back to Onward Nation, Cate.


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Transformational Experiences: Cate Stillman’s Introduction


Thanks so much, Stephen. It’s really great to be here and with Onward Nation. Let’s get on with Onward Nation. I love it. Well, it was really great to have you back and thanks for saying yes. I do come back for an encore. And Onward, as I mentioned in the introduction, this is going to be one of those conversations where we really dig into into mindset and you’ve heard me over the last, you know, several months really talking about silver linings and as it relates to Covid and the crisis and so forth.


And this is going to be a great conversation that helps illustrate those because Cate and her team have done a really, really good job of doubling down on being helpful and have been rewarded for it. So before we dive into that, though, Cate, it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had a chance to do this and have this conversation.


So I know a lot has happened to your business and you’ve grown in a number of different ways and programs and so forth. So bring us up to speed. Take us behind the curtain, bring us up to speed with what’s new, and then we’ll dive in. Yeah. So what’s new on our, you know, on the product side is book release.


So Master Review released in March with Sounds Shoe Publishing real five point system to synchronize your body, your home and your time with your ambition. And with this, you know, with the release of a book, anyone who’s written a book here knows that, like, there’s a lot that goes. A lot of time goes in before the actual book release.


So this book was based on a course that I was teaching, which was really a combination of business skills, and hitting targets. Like, how do you know which target you want to actually hit in your life? And then how do you hit that target? And I blended my background.


And the five elements of are your data as powers. And how do you activate these powers in order to determine the right goal and to hit the right and to hit the right goal? And then, of course, who do you become in the process? So there’s a lot of behavioral science and identity evolution wrapped up in that.


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Transformational Experiences: Teaching the Course Then Writing the Book


And that was all tested in courses before I wrote the book on it, the book release would I find it? And this is the second time I’ve done this. I teach the course for a while, then I write the book, then I release the book, and all of a sudden, once we have the book, the course becomes like ten times easier to teach because people have been reading the book and, you know, bookmarking the book.


And it’s just such a lovely support to the deeper work that they’re doing. So then on a business side, what’s changed or what’s new is team development. I mean, really, I think anyone listening here who has a business and is in growing it. It’s, you know, and it’s like we all hear these things about like the team. I go to their team to look at, you know, to the next level and great voice impersonation too.


Yeah. Oh, so yeah. So that’s really been happening. And developing this team that of contractors like you, we’re all online. I’m the only employee of yoga healer. I started yoga healer in 2001 and went into content marketing pretty early in. In the early years, actually pretty early from the get go.


I was just printing stuff before I was publishing more of it on the web. And so, you know, just over time, the team that grew up with my massive ability to publish a lot of stuff, to produce a lot of stuff to publish, needed to grow and adapt to changing strategy with time. So that’s really what’s been happening is that it’s like, how do we do that? Better at each and each level of business. 


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Transformational Experiences: Team Development


Okay. So let’s start with team development. I want to go back to your books because that’s a really interesting strategy of the books and courses. So when I hear you talking about team development. So the way that I’m sort of visualizing that is, oh my gosh, I love your handwriting.


I’ve just got to say, I know it’s terrible stuff. No, it’s not. It’s fantastic. My community would be thrilled if I show you mine later. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I got it in the show notes. My sketchpad notes. Yeah. Cate’s handwriting. Stephen, calm. Okay, so I think what I’m understanding, you say, is that, you know, when you’re doing your voice impersonation, is the, you know, up here, you know, you’ve got a vision for what the team needs to be at some point, but you can’t just leap there like it’s incremental adjustments.


Right? Yeah, yeah. And to me there’s so much that goes. There’s so much that I had to overcome to really get into this. I always had high, like a high owners pay, high profit margin. Okay. And one of the ways I did that was by having a low cost team. But that there’s a, you know, there’s a limiter, there’s an upward limiter with that in terms of skills.


Okay. So let’s go back to this for a second. So, when we’re down here. Right. So the trade off is you know the cost might be lower. Right. But then you’re paying for that in lower skills and missed opportunity. Yeah. And more of my time. So more sweat equity and then building you know I call it now like the building.


You know the house built on straw. So the three little pigs analogy like building on straw versus building on sticks, eventually it breaks. And that happened, we still had a ton of breakage. We had a ton of breakage that’s now been then up leveled into, you know, like a better CRM tool. Now we have strong CRM tool.


We have a lot of breakage in marketing right now based on the house of sticks, based on limited skills there. And it isn’t like for the entire team to go out and build a new team. It’s something that you do incrementally. It’s something that’s like, well, this team maybe we can or this area or this function, we can upgrade that by bringing in this team or this expert or whatever.


Right. And so it’s certainly not you know, I had turned over 80% of my team and like about an eight month period a couple weeks ago. Yeah. No it was dysfunctional. Like it just needed one thing. It was linked to the next thing to the left. But I totally agree with you in terms of strategy.


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Transformational Experiences: Making Massive Changes


Follow Stephen’s strategy. It’s way better unless you can’t. So I think there’s probably a really great lesson in there. I mean that that’s obviously a big decision. You can do it to me. Is the lesson like that? If you find yourself in the place where I found myself. Yeah, that it is possible that people have entirely the wrong team.


But what led you to that conclusion to make a massive change like that? I started making it like a domino effect. So I started making some changes and then had to make other changes. So we had just a number of code dependencies if you will. So things that were dependent on the other thing. Yeah. And when we pulled one out, it just kind of showed a lot of the other weaknesses.


And so literally it was like pulling that thread and just you found a lot of different things that were kind of stuck on that one thread. And then over, you know, so then since that major turnover and it was really tough for me, I think. Duh. But yeah, I have been very rooted in the vision of the company and what we’re here to do and the product in terms of my coaching was very solid.


So my coaching just kept getting better and better. And the team that was able to support that vision as I was getting exponentially better, wasn’t able to keep, wasn’t really able to to keep up on the customer service side on the systems and operations side, on the strategy side, on the sale side. Like any side you touched, it was like, okay, this is but I, you know, it’s like you only know what you know.


So that’s always the problem. And it took me a while to learn. And this is back to that team development, you know, ladder you were drawing. It’s like I needed to learn how to reinvest in the company. Okay. That was my biggest lesson was like, and I’m a lifestyle business.


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Transformational Experiences: Investing The Right Assets for Your Business


So. Right. Like, that’s sort of the thing is like I live the healthy lifestyle and then I live the lifestyle for the Wellness Pro based on a certain business model that we teach, which is a wellness lifestyle model. So I liked having a lot of time. I have a freedom lifestyle, the online team.


So I was buying, I have two condos in Mexico at Surf Breaks. Like I had this great lifestyle. I ski a lot. I ride my mountain bike a lot. I have all that. What I needed to be able to do is basically stop looking at really fun things to invest in and start to really invest in better people. Pay a lot more for a team, find the right people that had the skill level to actually support the level of coaching that was happening.


Yeah, in investing in that asset in your business then provides hopefully theoretically, a higher rate of return so you can continue to pull cash out of the business to invest in other things. And I don’t mean just fun things, but hard assets and so forth to build your wealth outside the business. Right. But I want to set some context here and the reason being is because sometimes when people hear the term lifestyle business and I’m like, okay, she sells a few this and a few that, and she makes a little bit of money to go here.


So I certainly won’t share revenue numbers. And I hope you’re okay with these things. You know, you can share whatever. I’m like, okay, so, we’re talking about a seven figure plus quote unquote lifestyle business. Okay. So she has put in the time and she has built a very, very successful business. She’s chosen to do that with 1090 nines as opposed to w-2s.


There’s a great tax strategy around that. But she has built something very significant, just for clarity and scalable, right? Yeah, yeah. So you know that that continual shift and actually some of. And I think what sort of scared me and I just want if anyone else has done this, you know that relating I can feel so good.


I’m like, oh me too. So, I did make a, I did hire some much more expensive people who were really freaking disappointing. And I did due diligence around those hires as well. And it just didn’t, you know, didn’t catch some things. I know with hiring, it can be really hard to catch everything. I’ve talked to people who specialize in massive, you know, high level hiring for big companies and are like, you can’t just can’t catch it all.


And that really is what happened. So but what I did learn was that and this was really important, I learned that the company could support higher overhead, that we could get the ROI on higher overhead. And then I just started to slide, you know, then it was just sliding like one Jenga block out at a time, as opposed to destroying the whole structure and rebuilding it.


At that point, I was able to take like one out and put a better one in the better. Went in, was then able to actually like weed, you know, someone else out that would then uplevel, the next better person. And so now we’re really solid. And we’re much more build, you know, house of bricks.


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Transformational Experiences: Paradigm Shifting


Yeah. And it’s against revenue. The investments been fantastic. And I imagine we’ll continue to be. So all of that was put into place pre-COVID. Right. Well, we’re still doing it now. We’re still doing it. We made two new hires last week. So we’re in marketing and one specialist in lead generation and the other like overall marketing manager.


Okay. And I was willing to, you know, it’s like business owner can often take on the extra hat as needed. And I did an out and now that’s getting offloaded. So I think this is really paradigm shifting for many. For potentially many of our Onward Nation business owners because you’re hiring people with top skills.


They’ve got the chops and all of that, except you’re doing that on a very strategic way as a 1099 as opposed to a W-2, and that the W-2 is bad or anything like that. We’ve got a bunch of our teammates, our W-2s are protected. But we also fill in capacity gaps with 1099. So and it’s been awesome.


And you’ve done exceptionally well. Yeah. And it’s super fun. Like, my dad was an international businessman and in the, you know, 80s and 90s and he’d come back from Asia and tell stories and show us the money and, you know, talk about the food. I just had, you know, growing up, just a sense of you do business with any, you know, you do business where there’s business.


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Transformational Experiences: Build Content and Teach It to People


What I love about my team, we had a meeting today and there was someone from the Ukraine, someone from Poland, someone from Lisbon, Portugal, me from the US, and someone else in the US. And it’s just my life. It’s like who I’m always. I’ve always been a citizen of planet Earth and a global citizen in my identity.


So my team, for me, makes a lot of sense also because our courses are global. There’s a way of understanding more for us as a team. Like where the ball’s going in on planet Earth because we’re more of a global representation of that as opposed to being a group of, let’s say, Americans, because I’m living in the United States.


Well, I live in the United States, in New Mexico, but as a group of Americans trying to serve a global community, that makes actually a lot less sense. Yeah, great. Great points. I love it because you’re like pushing the boundaries of what truly is possible, like this paradigm shifting. But let’s go back to the courses and books, because that I think is also a great lesson.


So if I heard you correctly, it sounds like, you kind of I don’t. So you kind of go to market with a course and then you’re building that content. You’re teaching and all of that and obviously delivering great result outcomes. Then after the course has been in market for a period of time, it sounds like you then take that course content, transform it, then into a book, and then once the book is released, it gives you additional opportunities to teach that course in even different ways, and probably even makes the course that much more popular.


I’m kind of making an assumption there so help us better understand that. Sounds like a really cool strategy. Yeah. And you know, there’s some strategies that you intentionally developed. There’s other strategies that have been on their own. And this was very organic. And all the courses I’ve created have been organic. Have me seeing a better way.


I think most entrepreneurs can relate to this, missing a better way to do something. And so my first book, Body Thrive, which is the ten basically the ten habits of are your data and yogurts, the habits of yogis. It’s based on this ancient wisdom from thousands of years, from India and from yoga.


But it’s really also just based on universal principles of any culture that’s been in touch with what’s going on planet Earth and how human beings of planet Earth. How we thrive. Okay. Right. And all I did was say like, okay, the way that I was taught, this was not emphasized enough in yoga or Ayurvedic medicine because if we have these habits, health issues for the most part go away.


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Transformational Experiences: Teaching The Course


Mental health and physical health issues like for the most part, this seems to work and it seems to work for everybody. So why isn’t it so? Why isn’t it taught right? And so with that. It’s actually crazy how that book in that course came about. First, what I did is I had another course called living your data, which was my first online course.


It was $1,000 in 2007. Now it’s $6,000. It’s evolved through the course community and all that over the years teaching that course. People came out of that course and they said, we want to help other people with this. And it’s mostly yoga teachers and other people in the wellness field saying like, we want to help more people with your data but we don’t want to go to your data school.


And we like there’s kind of this underlying like we like your business model. Even though they didn’t have those words to say that there is an insinuation of that. So I was like, oh, I’ll help you teach what’s actually most essential from this wisdom tradition called are your Veda. Those who don’t know that word are your means. Life data means to know or to study and or wisdom.


Right. And so it’s this applied wisdom of life. And all I did is that if I were a typical yoga teacher or wellness provider, what’s the cream of the crop from all of your Veda? Like how can I get you said it before to results. How do I get people to results faster in terms of thriving in their body?


And I was like, okay, yoga health coaches. So I created a new course for yoga health coaches. Okay, right. And I was like, okay, I’m going to help people actually create a little business or a little income stream or a big income stream, depending on how much money they wanted to make coaching people through these habits that these are.


If people have these habits, then they’re going to feel a lot better. So then they said, you need to teach that course. So then I taught the course called Body Thrive. Then I wrote the book called Body Thrive. Based on the course and what I’m illustrating here is this, like very organic process of listening to what people wanted and responding with what I knew, and that worked for me every time I pay a lot of attention to what people ask me, and I pay a lot of attention to. I do have a good ability to see a bigger picture and to simplify the complex.


So every time I do that, what happened then is people are like, I want your life. It was like a little bit of that. Like, I want more of what you’ve got. Like you’ve got lifestyle, you’ve got wealth, you’re a mom and you spent a lot of time doing fun. This fun stuff that you want to do.


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Transformational Experiences: Bridging The Gap


You travel as much as you want to travel. And I’m also online business and I live in two countries. You know, like a lot of things. How do you do that? And so what I did is I actually took a step back and I looked at like, how would I teach them what I’m actually doing? And I realized I had taken the wisdom tradition of, are your data of this five element theory that’s part of yoga and part of your data.


And I had applied it to goal setting and lifestyle. Okay. To body to time, to ambition, to the experience of a flow state, to integrity. And I then just codified that and I taught a course on it. And then that course came became the book. And that’s a master of you. Okay. Wow. So sorry. No, it is okay.


I’ve got what is going to feel like a truckload and ton of questions here for you. Okay. But I think it’s brilliant how you said listening to what people wanted and then responded with what you knew or know. And so, as a great educator would be a great teacher, somebody who’s generous with their knowledge. In fact, Chris Prefontaine said this in an encore just to, earlier today, which is going to air on the 21st and so he talked about bridging the gap and when you said I thought, oh my gosh, she too is bridging the gap.


This is what people want to know. You’ve got this expertise and you’re helping them in a very generous way. Bridging the gap. Would that be fair? Yeah. And what I learned, and I think I learned a lot of this, as a yoga teacher is escorting the process, like, really getting in and guiding the process and not being afraid of when it’s not working, but interested in what needs what really needs to be learned extra, how it needs to be broken down.


A little bit simpler for that to happen. And studying that like, you know, a good a really good yoga teacher is really studying what’s working in the classroom to get people to results sooner, but they’re doing it very much in the, you know, in the physical body with the subtle body or the breath, like they’re able to notice, they’re trained to notice very, very subtle shifts that are more effective.


And I had that training, and that really helped notice when, like, a curriculum, I was like, they’re not getting it or they’re stuck or it’s not working. You know, my first response is like, they’re not doing it right. But my second response was like, wait, this has happened before? Like, what needs what needs to be pulled apart?


And really teased out so that it’s an even more linear journey in the curriculum. And so, and that’s all wrapped up into escorting the process, making sure that they are learning the lesson that you’re sharing in the right ways? Are we creating the right outcomes that we should be creating? Right. Yeah. And I don’t even like learning the word that much.


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Transformational Experiences: It’s About The Learning Process


I actually when I’m writing, I always take it out like we write a bullet list of, like, you’ll learn this. You’ll learn that I take it out on, like, what is the end result? I want them to. What is the application of the learning? What is that result ending up as? How does it actually show up?


Because in my community, which is really different than a lot of the people listening here who come probably more from a, you know, more of a typical business community is my community and yoga and holistic medicine is people learning for the sake of learning. Okay, not necessarily for the sake of applying the learning. So there’s a lot of people that are on the journey for the sake of the journey, not for the destination.


So that’s in my particular industry. It’s a real issue because people can really enjoy learning and not transform and not know. I might be more extreme than you on this particular topic, I don’t know, but I’ll see what I’m going to say. And I guess you can be the litmus test. Like it drives me bananas. Like I know that business owners can get caught up in the whole, like, brain candy stuff and never get anything done.


Yeah, I like the intellectual curiosity, and that’s fun too. But at the end of the day, I like to learn something. And because I’m a practitioner, I want to learn this. So I could do that. Yes. Right. Like learn this, apply that good result outcome. Yeah. Exactly. So when I was just talking with a member of Body Thrive and she was telling me the impact, and she’s been in that course, It’s a year-long course.


She’s been in that for a quarter or a. Yeah, so 12 weeks. And she’s telling me the results of her 12-year-old, 15-year-old, and her husband. That’s how I’m going to measure success. Wow. It’s not just the member. It’s the community around the members and our professional development courses. It’s the impact they’re having on their clients or patients.


If it’s a personal course, it’s how they’ve expanded their sphere of impact. Wow. Okay, so one more topic before we get into like the silver linings and so forth that you’ve seen as a result of Covid and that it sounds like in on this journey, which didn’t happen overnight.


I mean, we’re talking about years and years and years and years organization. But when you did that, it sounded like other people started seeing what you were doing and then looked at it from a lifestyle perspective and said, well, how is she doing it? And then that actually turned into a bit of a business opportunity to right where you started teaching other people how to do what it is that you had done.


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Transformational Experiences: The Economic Value Ladder


Am I understanding right? Yeah, I started teaching business side of it. So I started teaching the business, a very specific business model that works for wellness professionals. Whether they’re allopathic or holistic doesn’t actually matter. It’s this model. It’s the highest level. The economic value ladder is transformational experience. So it’s way above packaged experience.


It’s way above packaged goods, which is above commodities, which is above just raw materials. Right. So, economic value ladder 101. So the highest level, the economic value ladder is transformational experiences. And the most people in the wellness, who are wellness professionals, whether they’re like I was a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, other people might be physical therapist or a personal trainer or naturopath or Chinese medicine doctor or acupuncturist. Or they might be a nurse or doctor or physician’s assistant or like, how do we guide that transformational journey?


How do we then package it? And then how do we sell the package? It seems really like for I love what I love about business, people are like, duh, right? But if you’re in wellness, that’s not a dose. What most people do is they rely on the patient, the client or the student to propose the working relationship. Basically through showing up, through booking a call, through showing up a class, through booking a session.


And it’s not results-focused because the conversation is not really happening of like what results do you actually want. Let’s figure out where you’re actually starting. Let’s figure out what’s going to actually need to happen for you to get from in reality like not woo pipe dreaming. But like in reality, if you’re 80 pounds overweight and you’re smoking and it’s Covid like, this is scary and it’s scary for a reason. It’s a good wake-up call for a reason for you to get to there, to Covid proof like to be healthy and strong and strong lungs and and addicted and at your lean fighting weight.


Right. How long is this going to take? What have you tried before? What hasn’t worked before? Like let’s get a real picture of here. And then if I feel like I can help you get there. Let’s package that based in reality. And let’s get clear about investment because if you’re not invested, there’s no way we’re going to get to the result.


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Transformational Experiences: Make Yourself Resilient 


So these are skills that make a lot of sense to business people. They’re pretty much not the way most holistic and wellness practitioners are structuring their work. Oh, I think you just gave our Onward Nation business owners. And I’m certainly I mean no disrespect to our listeners, but I think the transformational experiences that you just gave us there in that big golden nugget was super helpful.


No matter what somebody’s business acumen. That was great. Okay, good. I have a book on it. We can put a link in the show notes do it because that really walks through. I know that you’ve actually talked. Yes. We will put that in the show notes for this episode. You just said something when you talked about, like, I know that you were coming at it from the point of view of from a health perspective.


But you said Covid proof. And then immediately when you said that, I thought about the health side because you were talking about 80 pounds overweight, smoking. Maybe some other underlying health, you know, that would put that person at risk during Covid. But then I also thought immediately, because we’re having a business conversation to thinking, wait a minute, is it possible that like Covid proof of business?


Yes. So let’s go into this probably be a good segue into the silver linings. So what have been some of the silver linings that you have seen as a result of Covid? Oh, so many. My business is built for Covid. You know,


Yeah. No, I mean, it’s interesting to even, like, presence that. Right? Because for a lot of people, that’ll sound, insensitive or or or something weird, and I don’t and I don’t really mean it that way. But when anyone who’s made a lot of hard decisions consistently over time when you’re making those, when you’re not taking the easy way out, whether it’s in health, whether it’s in wealth, whether it’s in, hiring, firing or leadership.


Right. In any of these, in any category in life, when you’re choosing to put your long term interests in ahead of your short term gains, you’re much more attuned to tune to long term interests. So you’re much more attuned to where the world’s going, where the market’s going, where money’s going. You’re just more attuned to what’s needed, and you’re more attuned in the health perspective.


You’re more attuned to your own aging process. A lot of cultures over historically, over time, have had a much healthier relationship to the aging process than current Western modern culture, which has a totally toxic relationship to the aging process. In the same way, any business that’s really short term focus again and again. Like it’s a toxic relationship to the future.


So when I saw what I’ve seen is a lot of people delay some harder decisions even with, I mean hiring, firing. We’ve kind of covered, you know, how many people you should have as a W-2 and how many people as a 1099. Any business owner needs to look at this seriously right now to be increasingly competitive.


And my friend Paul Jarvis wrote a great book called Company of One, where he talks about a lot of the, you know, a lot of the strengths of having hiring companies to do part of what you need done, rather than hiring team or having the W-2. So, yeah, for me, what happened. So when with Covid, what I found right away was that we teach at the core is adaptability and resilience like that.


Like at the core base, that Body Thrive is the core of our programs. Like everyone has to go through Body Thrive. Everyone has to have these habits to be in a more higher level course with me. And the reason is if you don’t, then as business gets hard, you’re not going to have the physical stamina.


You’re not going to have the ability to be in ease in response to stress. So instead, you’re just going to be reactive and then you’re not going to be able to focus. So from the business side that was important from the master review side. Like if you have ambitions you’ve got to become resilient because it’s not going to be easy to do things you haven’t done before to become a bigger version of yourself.


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Transformational Experiences: Some Rules You Can’t Change


So we have the core of our, you know, the very core of our business, of our service is to help people have the habits that engender adaptability and resilience. Now, that is the nature of viruses. So it’s also the nature of how the human immune system in any animals or even plants immune system developed is it becomes adaptable and resilient or becomes resilient and adaptable.


So the idea of even, you know, needing something outside of you to save you. I was interviewing this great guy who’s a professor at UC Berkeley. And he was talking about how humans relate to food. And he’s like, we have an infantile. We have an infantile idea of food that someone else has to provide food for me rather than.


And we were talking about forage. This is Professor Philip Stark, DC, UC Berkeley, and we were talking about toxicology and urban foraging with invasive weeds and invasive edibles. Okay. And he said he had this huge transformation and being able to start to see food everywhere. And I’ve had that same transformation of like I go outside this matter from New York City and I’m in LA, I’m in Mexico City.


Like I see what nature is providing as food. That is not an infantile response where I need something from outside to fix what’s happening from inside. And the same thing’s true with business. Like there’s things that we cannot change. Like if there’s a government policy that’s going to fine you for going outside, many of my team had that Philippines, Ukraine, where the fines were enforced.


They were high. They were scary. So people follow the rules, right? You can’t change the rules, right? You can’t change is your experience of your freedom in relationship to that. And the same thing is true with a very scary virus. Whether it’s, you know, made in a lab or whether it’s naturally arising in nature, is that humans, over time, have evolved and animals have evolved with viruses.


So those who have become more resilient and more adaptable are in a seat of power. Those who have decreased their resilience and their adaptability are at higher risk. So it’s a lot of idea. So you know, that first part, I just want to tie that back in, like expecting something the world to change or something else to save you, even if it’s a vaccine.


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Transformational Experiences: The Path of Waking Up


What I’m saying is that it’s a fairly immature response in my opinion, whereas more of it is like how like the opportunities are always arising. We are designed to be adaptable and resilient. We have an amazing history as humans of doing that. So to the plants, so to the viruses. We’re all co evolving in an ecosystem of wholeness.


This is what all of the indigenous you know the individuate the indigenous cultures have always taught like we’re we’re all in a one together right. We’re co evolving together. So let’s attuned to that and respond to that. Yes. So it sounds like then whether they’re practitioners or people who you know, wanting to build a business or people who were more conscious about their health during this time. It sounds like that one of the silver linings for your business model, because there is some duality to it that there was whether somebody was a practitioner or somebody was getting more serious about their health, either.


The adaptability and the resilience were two themes, no matter what side of the business they were on, and that brought more people to you. Well, yeah. So that first thing I was just talking about was like, our product was designed to help. Sure. Was already in had been already tested for a decade.


Right. And iterated and improved upon. The second part was really that more people are waking up. So more people are waking up to, if they’re at higher risk for Covid. So higher risk for Covid usually is too much time inside, too much stress in their day to day life. So they’re living in a stress response, which is always. The immune system always obesity, which is not being in right relationship to your own body.


Right. And then smoking because it hits lungs. Now on the other side of just people waking up to personal responsibility. A lot of people in Covid had what Dave Gray, who wrote Liminal Thinking, says they went into a liminal space. They went into a different. They would basically went into an altered state of consciousness. For an extended period of time where you couldn’t go to the gym, couldn’t go to work, kids weren’t at school.


Things are different. What’s going on in the world? Half the businesses are shutting down around three, like, right. So people are all of a sudden awake to some other things and some and some people woke up to my life’s not really going in the direction that I wanted to, or my job has to pivot because it’s no longer a need for this service or job that I was providing.


I don’t like living with the people I’m living with now that I’m spending time with them. Right? So people like woke up often to or well, there’s so much more opportunity to do exactly what I want to do with my life. I’m seeing my life. I’m seeing my freedoms in a different way. I’m seeing my families and my family opportunities in a different way.


I love being with my kids more. How do I do that and have and have the kind of work I want? And you know, so people started asking much bigger, long term questions about the directionality of their life. And that’s another one of the well developed, funnel pathway product services and results that we’ve, we’ve always developed because essentially that is yoga.


That is the path of waking up. It’s not downward dog, but it’s the deeper meaning of yoga, of living a life of deep freedom. That is funny because I do think of downward dog. Yeah, I know it’s tough to work against modern culture, but it also exposes my ignorance too. Right because of my very like neofied understanding of it.


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Transformational Experiences: The Meaning of Yoga


Wow. That goes back to why we had that branding conversation with you and Erica. Right? Is it’s like because that’s. Yeah. So yoga means to yoke. So it’s, you know, if we think of oxen like, what are we actually yoking or yoking the individual to the whole, we’re yoking the relative to the universal or our individual consciousness to the whole intelligence of the cosmos.


We’re linking that so that we can receive and live in alignment in attunement. Have access to more universal energy, more capability. And it’s a gateway into understanding universal laws. I love this. This is so great. I know that we’re quickly running out of time, but I have all the time in the world for you.


You’re very kind there. There’s at least one more big piece here. And this is taking time, that this isn’t you waking up one day and saying, you know, I think I’m going to have a course, and then I’m going to have an all of a sudden you’ve got this great lifestyle business and it’s making well over seven figures and lovely and virtual team all over the world.


And you get to bounce between Wyoming and Mexico and do all the things that you love. This is you really planting the flag with intentionality and then stacking success after success every success. But it didn’t, you know, come really easy or super fast. Right. So let’s talk about some of those decisions because I know that they weren’t all easy.


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Transformational Experiences: Stacking Successes


And then it wasn’t all peaches and cream. So take us behind the curtain there in how you built that from the ground up. Because it did take time. Yeah, yeah. And I just want to even say like stacking successes, I feel more and more that I like just stacking lessons learned, like application of lessons learned. Okay. That often more.


Other people saw what I was doing a successful. But the way I experienced it was like, oh, that was a hard lesson to learn. Oh, interesting. I’m glad I learned it so I can apply it so I can now apply it. So I taught a workshop in 2000, in San Francisco, but I taught it a few times called Daily Routines of a Yogi.


And I was taking what I found. I was going back and forth between Iyengar Yoga teacher training, which was a two year back then. Teacher training was a two year program. I was going back and forth between there and my Ayurvedic medicine college, every week. And so I was the bridge between the Ayurvedic teachers and practitioners and the yoga teachers. Both very, very experienced.


And then the newer ones like myself. And in that I found like, wow, like the yoga teachers are missing some really basic stuff from Ayurvedic. And are your data in yoga are both they in India? They’re considered two different sides of the same coin. So eventually you flip a coin over. Eventually you need the other side.


Eventually you need the other. It’s like in business. It’s like you can grow product, but if you don’t grow systems like something’s going to break. So in the same way people do yoga and eventually they get really interested in what are they eating and what are these other things that happen in the day?


How do I like my day to get better benefit faster? So I started teaching this workshop. It was like a crash course. It was daily routines of a Yogi to the yoga teachers in the yoga studios. And that became yoga. Health coaching was just now a $15,000, two year, course that practitioners teach to their patients, students, clients.


It became Body Thrive. So that two hour course really became my body therapy program, which is like a year long. The book goes with it of like one of the things that I really had to learn wasn’t enough to know. It wasn’t enough to understand information, that transformation, basically information doesn’t equal transformation. What does equal transformation?


I had to get really interested in like where people are starting. We’ll use the person who’s already use the example of like the overweight smoker. We can also just use the example of someone that has an autoimmune, they’re, they’re stacking autoimmune diseases, meaning they’ve got they started with one and now they have another, maybe even signs of another and they’re depleted. Right? 


Like how to get from them to results. It’s not enough. Just a note. So in that two hour workshop, they would learn what to do, but it didn’t mean they could do it. And it took me a good ten, 15 years to learn that lesson. I mean, it really did, because I was teaching that in 2000, yoga health coaching was 2012.


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Transformational Experiences: People Need Time to Be Part of a Community


I started teaching in 2013. The books published 2015. It took me a long time to guide people when I first started teaching body. So I was like, we can do this in ten weeks. Now it’s a year. Why? Because that’s how long it takes. You know? It just takes time for people to be in a community for long enough.


That has the habits and behaviors they want to have and to overcome the things that happen in everyday life, which includes the holidays, which includes the accidents and the injuries and the trauma and things like Covid and like bad things happening, in real time. It takes stress and trauma. And how do we navigate those times to.


So that was just a big lesson of like offering based on, you know, there’s this I don’t know, people talk about this all the time in business of like, you know, people come with what they want. You got to, you know, give them what they need or sell them what they sell them what they want, give them what they need.


All that stuff. And what I found is like, what people need. Now come to me that we talked to, they need time to be in a high functioning, supported and guided community to be able to have a massive change in their life. And we’re okay with time. We used to but that’s who you’re attracting to because you planted your flag that way with intentionality.


That’s how you chosen to teach. And so therefore you’re attracting an audience where that is aligned with your, they’re not coming to you and saying, yeah, but I want the 90 day result. Yeah. And maybe some people do say that, but they quickly pivot in our marketing and enrollment process, which is a very educative, transformational process in itself.


So by the time someone hears of us to when they become a course member and our courses start at $5,000 and they go up to 1. By the time they become a course member, they’re really online with a vision and a longer term outcome because, okay, so this is a really valuable lesson for our listeners because you have built the audience that you want to serve and you’ve been unapologetic about it.


And I love that because these are the people who are coming to you are the people who, you know, you can help going back and using your word, the transformational experience. You can’t create a transformational experience for somebody who wants to do something in a 90 day program, right? Yeah. Or a victim. Right? Or someone who’s like, there’s nothing I can do.


There’s nothing I’m willing to do. I want someone to do it all for me. Yeah. So. So Honor Nation, that is a courageous decision. The key is made that this is the type of business that I want to have. These are the types of people who I want to serve. This is the mindset of those people, of where I can be the most helpful.


Ans you know, what has started is ten weeks and then it transformed into 12 months because that’s what was necessary in order to provide the result. Outcome. Right? Yeah. Yep. I love that. And it’s not inexpensive by the way. Right. You said 5000 to $15,000. This is not a $49 course. Yeah. And you know, in the holistic world, holistic wellness world like this, too, I’ve got to say it.


There’s no one-on-one time with me in that. So for a lot of people looking for like, well, I could buy a lot of time with my holistic practitioner and have one-on-one attention. This is a very different way of working where it’s like, yes, you could do that, but I’m sure I can actually get you there faster in a group.


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Transformational Experiences: Paths to Leadership


Yeah. So tell us more about that. That sounds really awesome. So even I didn’t realize that. And, you know, you and I have spent some time together. So I just assumed that that does involve your time. That’s a really big. So, it sounds like you’re charging $15,000 for a 12 month program. And it does not involve your time.


Well, my one-on-one time okay. Your one-on-one time, right. Yeah I wonder, is it like, you know, group coaching situation or not even that. Yeah, it’s group coaching. And I built an infrastructure. This was actually so part of the yogic tradition. it’s called save a or there’s a, there’s a work exchange with very, very serious or dedicated practitioners.


So back in the day, if you found a guru that you wanted to learn from, you would serve the guru. And in exchange, they would teach you. So I have used that model, in part from the start, as well as people that pay me money. And then they receive the program, the service.


So we have developed I think right now we have like 40 people in what we call our paths to leadership, which they were paid members who then wanted to serve the community in exchange to continuing to have course access or next level, next course access. Okay. So our course members receive a world of support from this infrastructure of basically coaches and training that are not paid, but who receive who actually builds the directionality of the community or the tribe.


So that’s been the huge part of it as well, is understanding that people need. There’s a really great book called influencers and it’s not what people are thinking. It’s not about influence marketing at all. It’s about how you create peer mentorship. So the problem with me, right, is like, I don’t really remember what it’s like to make 40 or $50,000 a year as a wellness pro.


Like I can try to remember back, but it’s like 15 years ago. It’s so far back or eight now it’s even longer. It’s like 19 years ago. It’s a really long time to even remember what that’s kind of like. But I have peer mentors that were there. They were there a year ago. Right. And now they’re not. And they know what they had to overcome.


And that book is really well researched, is a phenomenal book that really helps understand where that value of just having someone who’s a step or two steps ahead with the value of that is in relationship building. It doesn’t mean they don’t also need me. Who has like the, you know, this whole much greater perspective and a ton of experience and ability to really laser coach so we maximize, you know, my time and the other mentors time in a very structured and contracted way.


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Transformational Experiences: Training Time for Money


Okay. That’s a huge golden nugget And here’s why. As you all know, this is not industry agnostic, right? That every agency owner, coach, consultant, business owner who is listening to you right now has been at a point in their business where they train time for money. So you just get the big of where I have conversations with owners often is like, well, gee, Stephen, I don’t know.


I feel like I’m just on this treadmill. I’m selling my time for money . How can I actually build and scale a business? You just gave a glimpse into what is possible. And the recommendation of influencers is a great one. I mean, just seeing how you structure your business from top to bottom, if it’s even or maybe even more horizontally, it’s brilliant.


It’s been so fun. I mean, and I’ve worked with, I think you do, you know Tyler Norton now from elite? I do, yeah, yeah. So when I showed Tyler my business model, he was like, damn, girl, you know? And a huge compliment, right? Because Tyler, his family’s business. I mean, I think he did like 170 some million dollars last year.


So. Yeah, I mean, saying that to you, that’s huge. Yeah. And again, it’s rooted in the integrity of the wisdom body that in representing and so there’s something in that, you know, and there were a lot of hard knocks on that journey of just having, not having contracts was a big one.


For those, you know, they might be called work study at this point. Also letting people in before they had been a paid member into that program. That was another big leap of like, nope, everyone starts by being a paid member to learn the ropes. You need to learn about investment and return on investment and attention and energy for that.


They’re just not monitoring the contracts was another like I mean, it’s not the easiest. It’s not the easiest learning curve. It’s not well taught. It’s not well modeled. Landmark is an organization that does modeled as well. And I have just talked to some people that have worked in that. I haven’t talked to the organizers of the model, but it’s not that easy.


it’s easier often to pay coaches. And that’s what most coaching businesses that scale do. I don’t pay any coaches. There’s not one person right now that we pay, nor have we ever paid to coach. And it’s because I really looked into my tradition and was like, how does this happen?


And what’s the benefit to the peer mentor? And what we found is that the benefit to them is it far exceeds what they’re giving because they build confidence, they build skills, they build accountability. They work within our structures and they work with our business team. So they get access to people they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. And then for us, what we receive, you know, back from that is people who just love the system and really care about the people that they’re mentoring for.


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Transformational Experiences: Demonstrating a Business Model


On the financial side, I have one contractor who’s in the Philippines who’s like, this is her dream job. She runs that team and she also runs our customer service team. She’s able to handle a lot. She came from corporate BPOs in the Philippines. She wanted to be at home with her kids as they were getting older. Her kids had health problems, mostly because she was working.


This is pretty typical in the Philippines with a high powered job. You’re commuting about six hours a day because of the traffic. This is pre-COVID and you’re working about a 10 to 12 hour day at least five days a week, and you’re also on call. So this was her dream job. And because she was able to already handle a lot, she just took this program and like whipped it into shape and we have got great accountability and whatnot.


Wow. So what I want to say there is it’s basically like half of one paid team member to have 40 for me to have these 45 peer mentors, they’re not full time. They’re all about 12 hour a month contracts. And that is demonstrating an infrastructure. It’s demonstrating a business model that we then can teach to our yoga health coaches.


And it works is directly transferable. So a lot of our yoga health coaches have then been able to develop their own mentorship programs. So one of our core, you know, one of our core values, and it’s really more than a value. It’s just our way of working is we model the way. So if it’s with health and wellness, we’re modeling the way, if it’s with anything within our business team, we’re modeling the way.


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Transformational Experiences: You Must Prune to Scale


If it’s anything with our business model, we’re going to model the way. Wow, okay. Can I ask you one last question? Yeah. Like I said, I got all the time in the world, Stephen. Okay. But you’re kind and generous. Thank you. So, in our pre-interview chat because I don’t I don’t think we’ve covered it directly.


I think we’ve touched on. Yeah. But I think we’ve gone all the way in there and that is when we were talking about, you know, how you were building this over time. You talked about the integrity of those decisions. So I’d like to go there because my guess is there’s a number of great lessons around choices and then making the right choice as it aligns with your integrity.


One sometimes the temptation to go off of that is pretty easy to give into. Yeah. So tell us a little bit more about what you were saying to me in the green room about the integrity of those decisions for. I mean, when it’s interesting because I know I’m very impressionable or influencer. Well, it’s like a great thing about me.


And it’s also like if I get advice from someone I really respect, like I can implement really fast. I click start like a lot of entrepreneurs are. So here’s something and I’ll just like go do that. So I’ve been advised a number of times to because our Wellness Pro program makes the majority of the money to basically prune off our other courses, which require quite a bit of infrastructure, to enroll and to deliver, because they’re just less lucrative.


So it’s like, you know, if you want to scale, you got to prune, prune to scale. You know, there’s my bad impression was I’ve coached a lot by men just because I don’t know some of the nature of who I’ve selected. In any case, I found, like, deep down, I couldn’t.


I found that what I actually had created was like a highly functional ecosystem of courses where someone could start in one and go to another and go to another and then bounce back to another. And that has created such really a more robust result for someone who stays with me for a while. A great example of this is, she just wrote me yesterday.


She’s in Berlin. She started with me in embody thrive with habits and and went into the argument, of course, to learn more about health and really started improve her health. And then she went into yoga, health coaching to learn that business model. And she’s a really neat gal. And she started charging like 25 K coaching packages, in Germany, which is a it’s pretty, unusual.


We’ll just say that. And so she’s like, okay, I get this. And then she went into the master review course, and in that course she realized that. And this is like a very much like wake up and live like, live your deeper dreams in this lifetime. Like, we’re serious. We’re talking about now and then with all of these skills went into that course and she ended up she’s 60.


She ended up taking over her husband’s business, which was not profitable really at that point, helping her husband dissolve the other business. They had two businesses. Her husband goes into retirement, she becomes CEO. She uses master reviews very much. The curriculum applies it across the business. The business then in about ten months goes up 70% in gross revenue without cost.


Like without the same increase in cost. Her husband is now like semi-retired. So then they’re like looking at their dream home. They’re, you know, they’re investing, they’re buying that like they’re in it. Like she’s very much in that. So she wrote me yesterday that I posted this picture of me or a little Facebook story, me training my puppy.


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Transformational Experiences: Behavioral Science


Now I’m into behavioral science. Which training habits? This is what I do with humans. And now I have this puppy Covid puppy right? I was one of those people and I train and I’m showing like on the little video because we got the puppy to jump through hula hoop the other day and like, and she’s very quick to train.


She’s a very smart dog. So there’s a little video of me having the puppy, like Saturday jump through the hula hoops that, you know, laid out ten second video, and she watches that and she says, well, this is the next thing that I’ve done is I’ve realized that all the stuff I learned from you and Ayurvedic, I have a deep passion project, and I’ve had this since I went to college, before I went to law school.


She’s this incredible person. She said. I really wanted to be, I really wanted to help animals. And this was a buried dream as a huge part of this master of you thing that didn’t look profitable for so long. Right? And it was like one of these prune courses, prune revenue streams because it wasn’t as scalable as the stuff that was already proven.


But deep down I’m like, no, this is the future of my thought leadership. Like this. We actually need to allocate very sensitively resources into to even understand what it’s trying to become. Next in this course will soon be a 15 K course as well. Right now it’s 6k, but it’s going to be built into the equivalent of what we have in yoga health coaching.


So back to you, she’s like, I saw that video and I needed to update you with where I’m at. It’s like I’ve realized that everything I’ve learned in Ayurvedic is applicable to helping animals. And so I’ve started working with animals, and I’m turning over like half of our house into a shelter to train at risk animals and turn them into therapy animals.


And it was just like, here she is, she’s the CEO of this growing company. She’s 60. She’s not done yet. And now she’s living a dream that had been buried for over 40 years. So I get this. I get these types of emails a lot. I know many of you business owners get really deeply thanked for the work that you do.


When I look at like, if I had proven that back when I was first told to prune that, that wouldn’t have happened. But also, like all the things that I know are next, coming from not pruning that part of the ecosystem like we’ve we haven’t even seen yet, where that’s going. But I have a deep sense that it’ll drive 50% of the revenue of the company within the next two years.


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Transformational Experiences: Developing a Dynamic Global Community


Wow. Wow. I love it. Because going back to your words that you shared with us a little bit ago, that in and of itself is another transformation experience right there. Yeah. That’s amazing. And I and I love how focused you are on whatever it is that you do, whatever it is that you’re writing, that you’re training, your thought leadership as you described it, it’s about transformational experience, like creating that experience, which is obviously the result outcomes.


Right. But it’s even more than just the result. It’s truly transformational. But that’s like your guide. Yeah. That was a guiding principle that I don’t know if that’s accurate. It’s a business model. Yeah. And you know within that really packaging it. Right. Like one of the things and this is where I got to brag because like and I do love bragging, but I think we had this like the lead gen guy come in and be like, why do you need yoga, health coaching and yoga?


Feeling like we have developed a dynamic global community, like when a new member, when we’re rolling in the moon, remember we’re like, you’re probably going to find your butt, your new best friends in here, even if you’re not looking for them. And that’s what happens. And not enough people put the emphasis on developing. And it does take time, energy and resources to develop the community that supports the customer journey.


Yeah. And if we’re willing to do that, oh my goodness, what will happen with the transformation will be on beyond your wildest dreams as a business owner. Amazing transformational conversation. That’s what this was. This was so great. So I know we covered a lot. but before we go, before we close out and say goodbye, any final advice.


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Transformational Experiences: How to Connect with Cate


Anything you think we might have missed. And then please do tell Onward Nation business owners the best way to connect with UK. Yeah, I really want to just come to like what is your purpose behind your business like really deep, deep down. And that trust your intuition on that. And then continually as you walk the razor’s edge of that, because it will be a razor’s edge.


Honor your intuition of that. And if you do, you will be relevant. You will be relevant even during times of massive chaos and instability. You’ll be way more relevant. There’s a reason you have that purpose. Amen. yeah. I mean, connect with me. I can give you my email or you just go to yoga and fill out a contact form.


But yeah, I’m just [email protected]. Okay. Onward Nation. This I was serious when I said just a few minutes ago. This was one of those transformational conversations in Cate. We all have the same 86,400 seconds today. And I’m grateful that you showed us how to better apply the time that we have and how we can take these lessons that you generously shared with us and be able to apply them to move our businesses onward to that next level.


This was exceptional. Thank you very much. Oh my pleasure, Stephen. Any time this episode is complete. So head over to for show notes and more food to fuel your ambition. Continue to find your recipe for success here at Onward Nation with.


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