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Episode 588

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Tony Daloisio is the author of CHANGE! THE WAY YOU CHANGE, a principal of The Highlands Group and founder and CEO of Charter Oak Consulting. He specializes in consulting with CEOs and their teams to build capability, implement strategy, and support major change. He has extensive experience coaching senior executives and executive teams to effectively transform their business. He has worked with leaders from Emory University Healthcare, New York Life, the US Social Security Administration, and others.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Why engagement of the strategy by key stakeholders is important
  • Why less than 30% of change efforts are successful
  • The importance of delegating tasks
  • Why you shouldn’t let yourself get bogged down with perfectionism
  • Having a “heads up, heads down” mentality
  • How to create real change within your organization
  • Creating a safe environment so your employees feel free to express their opinions
  • The importance of creating a personal relationship with your employees
  • How being open to feedback can lead to great success
  • Why going the extra mile for your customers is critical to your business’s success


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