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Episode 587

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Bix and Joe Bickson are organizational consultants who have consulted with major corporations, institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals throughout the world. They have helped transform the cultures of some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Microsoft, Ford, Starbucks, and many more. Today, they are regarded as “Future Hackers” – re-imagining management for today’s world by providing leaders with the essential tools required to push past what’s in the way of creating and fulfilling the future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Why leaders need to change themselves in order to affect their company’s performance
  • Self-transcendence: the need to adapt and evolve
  • Finding the solution to the presenting problem within your business
  • The importance of recognizing the need for a support system
  • Knowing the difference between “knowing” your thoughts and “being” your thoughts
  • The importance of taking actions that create new habits
  • How culture is the conversations that take place in the organization
  • Improving company culture by having employees take ownership in the decisions being made
  • Recognizing you have a story but you don’t have to be your story
  • How learning who you are is vital in developing your businesses core values


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