The Ultimate Success Map, with Thor Conklin.

Episode 493

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Thor Conklin is an entrepreneur, profitability consultant, and host of his daily podcast, Peak Performers. This marks his 17th year as an entrepreneur. The first company he created was a global risk management consulting firm that served the private equity community. His top 15 clients had a combined revenue of $12.7 billion and operated in over 100 countries worldwide. His background, in risk management, served him well when he lost 1/3 of his team, in the World Trade Center attacks, on 9/11. Since that time, he has started, bought and sold several multi-million dollar businesses making him a sought after, cross-industrial resource for entrepreneurs and executives in all stages of business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Thor’s background & how he got his name
  • The story behind how Thor lost a third of his team in the 9/11 attacks & how that affected his business
  • How the ‘ultimate success map’ provides the foundation for everything that Thor does
  • Why you need to ask yourself ‘Is this business working for me or am I working for the business’
  • The difference between making a decision and being committed
  • Why you need to figure out what you want the vision for your life to look like
  • Why Thor believes that work should be supporting our lives & vision
  • How Thor sets micro-commitments every day to help him prepare
  • Why you need master the ‘personal touch’ in order to thrive in business today
  • Why you just need to keep moving forward & never give up to be successful
  • Why the process of ‘leaning in’ has been so important for Thor
  • Why culture has got to be at the center of every organization


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