December 13, 2016

Terry Gremaux

Episode 386: How to steal attention, with Terry Gremaux.

Terry Gremaux is an entrepreneurial leader, training business owners worldwide how to use free social media strategies to grow their market presence & business revenue. Terry is an expert at helping you expand your positive business presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. He’s helped thousands of business owners catapult to get success using the free social media strategies that he teaches.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Terry’s background
  • Why Terry starts his day with meditation, journaling, reading, affirmations and movement
  • Why it’s important to operate at your own highest capacity
  • Why having the right mindset is so important for instantaneous change
  • Why Terry asks himself every day what he is afraid of and how that keeps him going
  • Why Terry believes that social media is the new telephone
  • Why you need to find your target customer and who they are following on social media and have conversations with them…every day
  • How Terry steals attention on Facebook and why he creates content “like crazy” so that people stay addicted to him
  • How to out-attention your competition so you can win
  • Never stopping hustling


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