The investment potential of tax lien certificates, with Ted Thomas

Episode 869

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Ted Thomas is a Florida based educator, publisher and author. Thomas is publisher and author of more than 30 books. His guidebooks on Real Estate have sold in four counties of the world. In the recent past, over 75,000 clients have carefully evaluated Ted Thomas’ QuickStart Introduction In Secured Tax Lien Certificates and have chosen to become associated with the market leader. Thomas’ Home Study Materials are international bestsellers and draw clients from Europe and South America.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ted transitioned a career as an airline pilot into a real estate business, and became an advisor to others
  • What leverage risks Ted warns against, and how he helps others create value and grow their wealth
  • What a tax lien certificate is, and how you can buy tax liens to create profits from unpaid taxes safely
  • Why tax certificates are an underutilized and secure way to invest your money, and how their returns work
  • How the rules for tax certificates very by states, and why it is important to understand the rules and penalties
  • Why auctions are prevalent all over the country, but are a hidden investment gem that few people take advantage of
  • Why the southern part of the United States is the most friendly toward tax certificate sales
  • How 97% of all tax certificates will pay you out in 6 months or less, and how you will get ownership of the property if you don’t get paid
  • Why the rules governing tax certificates often predate the interconnectivity of the states from the interstate system
  • How to get more information and learn about Ted’s tax lien certificate purchase system

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