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Episode 951: Strategic Business Opportunities, with Jennifer Peek

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Strategic business opportunities, a podcast with our guest, Jennifer Peek. Learn how to find and double down on strategic business opportunities.

Jennifer Peek provides clients with key strategic insights while helping them develop plans to profitably execute their visions. At Peek Advisory Group, she consults with business owners identifying business gaps and strategic business opportunities to increase value and prepare them for the next stage of business evolution from growth to varied exit strategies.


What you will learn from this episode about strategic business opportunities:

  • How Jennifer left her corporate career ten years ago and started her own company, Peek Advisory Group, bringing corporate experience to small and midsized companies
  • Why the type of economic and social recovery we will see in a post-COVID world is impossible to anticipate
  • Why developing the right mindset, seeking out strategic business opportunities, and doubling down can help you through this crisis
  • How the lens you view the world through determines your outlook, and why the widespread belief that businesses are all in survival mode isn’t always the case
  • Why the Harvard Business Review’s article Roaring Out of Recession is worth reading, especially during this challenging time
  • Jennifer explains her “opportunistic mindset” and shares the importance of expanding your social outreach efforts
  • Why you don’t want to be losing ground or staying stagnant during this crisis, and why you want to work to position your business to capitalize on opportunities in the future
  • Why recognizing your clients’ or customers’ changing habits can help you develop new product and service offerings in the future.
  • Why this is the ideal time to be doubling down on content and on reaching out to new potential clients with helpfulness as part of your strategic business opportunities
  • Why the most important lesson Jennifer learned from a mentor over the course of her career is the need for a willingness to shut everything down and start over


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