Sheryl O’Loughlin

Episode 428

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Sheryl O’Loughlin is a serial entrepreneur and author of KILLING IT! An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Head Without Losing Your Heart (Harper Collins, December 2016). She has served as the CEO of Clif Bar, where she led the concept development and introduction of Luna bars. She then went on to co-found and serve as CEO of Plum Organics. She was the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Sheryl is currently CEO of REBBL, a fast-growing maker of plant-based drinks.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Sheryl’s background
  • Why there is a light side & a dark side to entrepreneurship
  • Why entrepreneurs all need to understand & support each other
  • Protecting your self worth
  • Putting passion & grit into everything you do
  • Finding people who care deeply about your purpose
  • Why you need to go on an epic adventure
  • Why you need to have bold humility
  • Finding a valuable, sustainable business model


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