January 3, 2018

Russ Perry

Episode 654: Trust the voice, with Russ Perry

Russ Perry is the founder of Design Pickle — the #1 flat-rate, on-demand graphic design company in the world. And, he recently finished writing his first book entitled, The Sober Entrepreneur, a personal account of his journey toward living a sober life and creating the business of his dreams.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to silence the internet trolls that are trying to hurt your business
  • Building a business that delivers value to clients
  • Overcoming addiction as an entrepreneur
  • Why you need to document your story
  • Where you can get a free copy of Russ’s book The Sober Entrepreneur
  • The daily habits that have contributed to Russ’ success
  • Understanding paid acquisition
  • Why you’re the only one that knows the answers to your questions
  • The best strategies for entrepreneurs to find success

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