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Episode 538

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Richard Chapo is an Internet lawyer by day — and — avid traveler whenever he has time. Based in San Diego, Richard has been practicing law for nearly 25 years. He advises online businesses small and large on how best to comply with Internet laws while minimizing the chance of being dragged into litigation. He has represented companies in multi-million dollar insurance disputes, and in 1999, he took a sabbatical to teach at the Chita [cheetah ] State Technical University in Chita, Russia. Richard eventually returned to California and opened his current practice.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Why the worldwide internet might become a little less worldwide
  • Focus and organization: two of the most critical skills business owners need to master
  • Being responsible to your core business and have a core profit
  • The importance of developing your own products and building your business around them
  • Why the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DCMA] was created (and how it works)
  • Building your social media community on the foundation of your own content – not someone else’s
  • Being proactive around problems and issues that come up in your business
  • The value of providing exceptional customer service
  • Using the five-year rule to deal with doubt and fear


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