Went from 80-hours to 20, with Matt Inglot.

Episode 537

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Matt Inglot is the creator FreelanceTransformation.com where he helps freelance designers, developers, and marketers to win clients and build a dream lifestyle through freelancing. Matt’s expertise comes from running a web agency for 11 years which he transformed from a traditional bricks and mortar office and 80 hour work week to significantly less work and far greater profitability. From that experience Matt has realized that most freelancers and consultants make life far more difficult for themselves than it needs to be.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • What inspired Matt to help other people become better freelancers, consultants & agency owners
  • How the biggest gains come from figuring out where to focus your efforts
  • The importance of getting the fundamentals of your business right before attempting to scale it
  • Why flexibility is king with any business
  • How a lot of business owners don’t understand deep down why their business exists
  • How you create a successful product
  • The importance of knowing why your customers are buying from you & who they are
  • The benefits of thinking about your customer’s problems
  • The difference between really understanding what your clients are struggling with vs. what you think they’re struggling with
  • Taking the time to think through the skills that you have to offer


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