Why Chat Bots?, with Peter Lisoskie

Episode 616

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Peter Lisoskie is the founder of Chatbot Nation — a technology that fosters a more humanized and connected relationship between people and brands using chatbots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs create an interactive experience with chatbots to deliver leads, improve sales conversions, provide customer service, sell products, and win new clients.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What a chatbot is
  • How chatbots create an instant interactive experience
  • How to use a chatbot as part of a lead generation strategy
  • Why Peter feels businesses will be moving away from email marketing
  • How chatbots allow the user to drive the experience
  • The advantages of using a chatbot for customer service
  • How chatbots contribute to your company’s bottom line
  • The power of Messenger Codes as a marketing tool
  • Why having an animated chatbot character helps create an elevated human connecting experience
  • The importance of having clarity and focus to best ensure success

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