How to build a connection culture, with Michael Stallard

Episode 841

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Our special encore guest today is Michael Stallard. Michael is a former Wall Street executive who left the Street 15 years ago to found the Connection Culture Group, a leadership training firm and focuses on improving workplace cultures. He’s a keynote speaker and expert on how effective leaders boost human connection in cultures to improve the health and performance of individuals and organizations. Michael is also the author of two books, “Connection Culture” and “Fired Up or Burned Out.” Now…you may remember Michael and the wisdom he shared during Episode 794 of Onward Nation. If you haven’t listened to, studied, and applied all he shared during his previous interview…I highly encourage you to add Episode 794 to your list of vital priorities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What’s new with Michael and his business since he last joined us 6 months ago
  • Insight into what Michael and his team teach leaders about culture when they work with a company
  • The new e-course Michael is developing: how it brings people together in collaboration and what you can expect from the course
  • Michael’s definition of culture in the workplace, and why it boils down to thoughts, words, and deeds- how these three things can make happier, better employees
  • How humans are hardwired to connect, making connection a superpower for a leader in a business
  • What the predominant mindset of Wall Street is and why it’s so harmful and counterproductive
  • Best practices for creating a connection culture in your business
  • The vision, value, and voice of the band U2, and how that’s a great example of a connection culture
  • Strategies Alan Mulally used to create a connection culture and turn things around at Ford
  • What displacement aggression is and how it can ruin a whole culture from the top down
  • The five unique benefits of connection within an organization as well as how disconnection undermines performance
  • How to identify leaders in your organization who are good at connecting
  • Examples of the thoughts, words, and deeds powerful leaders use to create a connection

Ways to contact Michael:

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