January 30, 2017

Fell flat on my face, with Mark LeBlanc.

Episode 418:

Mark LeBlanc has delivered over 1,000 presentations, coached over 1,000 business owners, and is the author of “Growing Your Business and Never Be the Same.” His book was inspired by walking the 500 mile, Camino de Santiago trek across Spain. In fact, he walked it twice! Mark also started a foundation to support young entrepreneurs and they recently awarded their 8th grant of $3,000. The proceeds from Mark’s books are used to fund the grants. Mark has also conducted over 100 weekend business retreats called the “Achievers Circle” — which has now become the ultimate, anti-boot camp experience.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Mark’s background
  • Why extreme focus is everything
  • Mark’s AM/PM questions he uses to keep himself on track
  • Why Mark’s alarm goes off at 5 AM every day
  • The story of when Mark fell flat on his face when starting a new business
  • How to be a great listener
  • Why you can’t ever leave someone waiting
  • Why you need to get good at asking for help
  • Why you must have a mastermind group
  • Why you need to get a handle on your numbers


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Stephen Woessner

Stephen is the CEO of Predictive ROI and host of the Onward Nation podcast. He is the author of two bestselling books, speaker, trainer, and his digital marketing insights have been featured in SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and other media.