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Episode 650

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Manoj Madhusudanan is the Co-founder and CEO of Ziligence, an AI-driven platform that reveals insights on businesses. Before starting Ziligence in 2017, Manoj led the creation of InsightBee, a platform for on-demand custom research. Earlier, he served as the global head of operations for corporate and professional services verticals at Evalueserve and was responsible for a global team of over 700 professionals serving clients a variety of sectors. You may remember Manoj and the wisdom he shared during Episode 444. If you haven’t listened to, studied, and applied all he shared during our first interview…I highly encourage you to add Episode 444 to your list of vital priorities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Manoj has coming up in the next few months
  • How AI and the advancements within AI are growing at a very fast rate
  • The key to getting the most out of your day
  • How success can mean different things to different people
  • Why you should think of your customer’s problems as your own problems
  • What fear really is and how it impacts entrepreneurs
  • What makes an ‘A’ player an ‘A’ player
  • The hardest part of hiring new employees
  • How to improve your ability to provide mentoring to your teammates
  • Strategies for creating and building platforms
  • The importance of defining your processes that allow you to scale up

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