Unapologetic confidence, with Lorraine Ferguson

Episode 853

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Lorraine Ferguson is a dynamic trainer and coach who accelerates growth in companies by focusing on the right behaviors, attitudes and techniques that drive success. Ferguson has brought the Sandler Selling System to hundreds of selling professionals and businesses. Companies and individuals have transformed their business development ability by working with Ferguson.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Lorraine dealt with the difficult challenges of being a woman in the male-dominated sales field
  • Why Lorraine’s views on sales evolved as she better understood herself and her place in the business world
  • Why time has made things somewhat better for women in sales roles, and why things need to keep improving
  • Why Lorraine titled her book “The Unapologetic Saleswoman: Breaking the Barriers, Beating the Odds”
  • How Lorraine found self-empowerment in finding her voice and being assertive in her role
  • Why Lorraine believes in the idea of “sell more by caring less” and how it helps her mindset
  • What takeaways Lorraine wants to share from the contents of her book, and why they’re important
  • What sort of pushback Lorraine gets from sales professionals, and how she overcomes the objections she hears
  • Why it’s important to have mutual agreements and be clear on the next step you need to take throughout the sales process
  • Why you should always go into a sales call with a “pre-call plan”, and why it helps you be prepared and confident

How to contact Lorraine Ferguson:

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