Founder frustrations, with Les Trachtman

Episode 606

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Les Trachtman is the CEO of The Trachtman Group, focusing on helping companies grow and scale, as well as managing director of “Purview”, an early stage company focused on disrupting the medical imaging business. For the past two decades, he has taught and lectured at numerous universities across the country, including the Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Business. A portion of Les’ career is chronicled in the Harvard Business School case study: “Les is More Times Four”, which educates entrepreneurs at leading business schools.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The importance of having a succession plan for your business
  • How far into the future you should be looking into a business succession plan
  • Why identifying the truth in an organization is important
  • How celebrating mistakes leads to learning opportunities
  • The importance making employees feel safe to voice thoughts and opinions
  • Why choosing the right individuals to hire is vital to your business’s success
  • How picking the right customers leads to great client relationships long-term
  • Why delegation is the most critical skill to master
  • Having confidence in yourself knowing what you are doing is making a difference
  • One of the keys to success as a leader is being a great communicator

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