Words can predict market value, with Laura Rittenhouse.

Episode 374

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Laura Rittenhouse is a keynote speaker, financial strategist, business coach, and best-selling author. She advises CEOs and CFOs on how to increase employee creativity and accountability to boost results and revenue. Her Candor Academy workshops strengthen trust between investors, customers, and employees. She partners with executives, visionary managers, and inventors who align conversations and culture to become more effective problem-solvers. Her Candor Analytics methodology was chosen by the CFA Institute as a “Future of Finance” initiative. Laura’s book, “Investing Between the Lines”, showcases a decade of research connecting trustworthy leadership with financial returns that consistently outperform the market and was endorsed by Warren Buffett.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Laura’s background
  • Why language has such a profound impact on Laura
  • Why candor is so important
  • Why the authenticity is tied to vulnerability
  • Why Laura starts every day with a half hour of meditation
  • Why Laura left her job to find what calls her “thumbprint”
  • Why you need to believe and have faith
  • Why you need to trust your intellect
  • Developing a words matter mindest


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