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Episode 743

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Lane O’Bryon is the president and founder of Capital Connection, providing access to the best sources of real estate capital. He’s been active in the lending industry for over 17 years and has successfully helped thousands of his clients fund both residential and commercial transactions. Lane has also coached, mentored, and trained hundreds of finance brokers on the secrets of the top producers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Capital Connection serves as a valuable resource for real estate investors and finance brokers
  • Why investors struggle to gain access to capital
  • The definition of a hard money loan
  • Why Lane feels crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending will be the lending of the future
  • Why many of the lending platforms are not good at marketing
  • The typical investor profile that Capital Connection works with
  • Why banking restrictions have left many investors needing to seek funding from an alternative source
  • Why business owners who are interested in real estate investing need to have a strategy
  • The importance of reaching out to experts and educating yourself before investing in real estate
  • Why you should start small when getting into real estate investing

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