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Episode 458

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Ken Rutsky is the author of the new book, “LAUNCHING TO LEADING: How B2B Market Leaders Create Flash Mobs, Marshal Parades, And Ignite Movements.” Ken is also a B2B marketing consultant focused on helping his clients break through and become market leaders. He has spent nearly 25 years in B2B marketing roles, launching the “Intel Inside” broadcast co-op program in 1994 and then the Internet’s first affiliate marketing program, Netscape Now, while at Netscape from 1995 to 1999. Since then, Ken served as the CMO at several start-ups and ran network-security marketing at McAfee, where he developed and executed a marketing strategy that grew its web security business from $60 million to nearly $200 million. Today, Ken’s firm, KJR Associates, Inc. leverages his knowledge from his extensive Silicon Valley career to help his clients lead their markets. In the seven years, his firm’s clients have generated more than $10 billion in shareholder value through IPOs, acquisitions and late stage private equity rounds.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Ken’s background
  • How Ken takes a much more structured approach to how he thinks about his business
  • The method Ken uses to increase his awareness & focus to his clients
  • The importance of keeping a healthy routine
  • The importance of understanding your financial picture both personally & professionally
  • Why Ken feels that customer empathy is the most critical skill needed to thrive today
  • How the customer’s journey connects to market leadership
  • How transforming customers to the reason you exist can lead to profit
  • Why, as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t just focus on making money
  • Why you need to just embrace the fear & understand that it’s normal


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