The Best Team Wins, with Adam Robinson.

Episode 459

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Adam Robinson is the author of the new book of “THE BEST TEAM WINS: Build Your Business Through Predictive Hiring,” and the founder and CEO of Hireology, where he is on a mission to help business owners make better hiring decisions using predictive data and technology. Hireology’s cloud-based hiring platform is used by over 3,000 organizations in the United States and Canada. In 2015, Robinson was named to the Chicago Tribune Blue Network, a listing of Chicago’s most influential entrepreneurs and innovators, and named a “Top 25 HR Industry Game Changer Under 40” by Workforce magazine.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Adam’s background
  • How relentlessly focusing on one thing at a time helps Adam stay productive every day
  • Why you need to know what you want to get out of your day to succeed
  • Why you need to fully understand the relationship between your growth rate and your balance sheet
  • Why it’s so important to identify, recruit, and keep good people
  • Why the company with the strong execution and strong team is always going to win
  • Why you need to be able to recognize ‘dips’ and ‘cul-de-sacs’
  • What you need to do if you’re unhappy with your current situation in business or life
  • Why you need to be clear on the vision and agree on the outcome
  • Why you need to ask yourself what you want out of this experience


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