Keith Callahan

Episode 408

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Keith Callahan is a leader of leaders in the field of personal growth-focusing on mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical well being. He teaches that through self reliance, determination, community support, and mentorship everyone can break through their self imposed limits and live the big, beautiful, bold dream life they have tucked away.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Keith’s background
  • Why you should create a business that serves your life (and work your business around the type of life that you want to live)
  • Why you need to be systemizing things in your business
  • Why Keith begins his day with high-focus activities
  • Why you need to be draining the chatter in your brain
  • Why research & planning are so important in business
  • Mastering patience
  • Why you shouldn’t be putting your mentors up on a pedestal
  • Developing your strength & personal power


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