Be humble and kind, with Kathy Knowles.

Episode 556

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Kathy Knowles is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who speaks on The Seven Step System for Creating more Purpose, Profit, and Possibilities rather than running a business that’s stealing your soul. She works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to reduce turnover and have more loyal and dedicated employees and customers. Ultimately, her clients make the leap out of the day to day and onto playing a much bigger playing field so they can do the work that’s in their heart and leave their legacy.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Finding clarity on the important issues in your life
  • Understanding how to focus on your priorities
  • Making decisions that will create systems you can use to thrive
  • Considering what you need to do and being mindful of your habits
  • Using your enthusiasm to develop your ideas while being mindful of the basics
  • Thriving using excellent communication strategies
  • Maintaining good client relationships with the best CRM technology
  • Creating consistency that will develop successful habits


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